5 Ways To Be Happy Every Day

5 ways to be happy every day.

Do you often find yourself just going through the flow? Has it always been a different day, but same story kind of day?
You are not alone. A lot of people feel the same way everyday as if they’re searching or waiting for something to come up in their lives so they can be happy again. However, you can never really set the exact time and day to be happy.

You, me, we make happiness happen.

Throughout the years I have fallen into the comfort of simple and quick ways to bring me happiness in my everyday life. A few simple steps that set the pace of my day and open me up to life enjoyments. Try them out for yourself and see the difference.

Keeping nightly routine simple and consistent.
Going to bed every night around the same time and with at least 30 minutes of free screen -TV or phone- prior of laying your head on that soft pillow. The optimal is sleeping between 7 to 9 hours of sleep on constant basis. Getting enough sleep couldn’t be more reiterated and emphasized. When I am fortunate to sleep within the recommended sleeping hours, my next day is more active. I am more focused, productive and able to accomplish more tasks. If you sleep intermittently, stay in bed as long as you can to give your body the last bit of relaxation.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier that the intended waking time.
Love to walk around my house while the stillness and calmness is lingering in every room. A time of reflection and gratitude for me. My time that I dedicate to my prayers. The time of day where I prepare myself for the day to come. Hence, sorting thru what to do and prioritize what needs to be done. My serene time that sets the pace for my day. As a result, it has abled me to embrace anything that comes my way, and my attitude is perceptive, open and positive to the new day.

Drink water upon waking up.
Another healthy routine to add to your day. Every morning I drink 8 ounces of water. After a long night fast, doing so helps in cleansing the body, properly hydrate and mostly aids on flushing out all harmful toxins. So, before my coffee or tea is even thought of, a glass of water is enjoyed.

Exercise for 20-30 minutes every day.
This may sound tedious and hard to get habit forming. Promise you the gratification is immense. A quick walk with a friend, a class of your choosing, have the dog take you for a walk, are all fantastic way to start the day. Getting yourself moving first thing in the morning will increase your serotonin levels and helps you become more active and focused throughout the day.

Do something that you love every day.
It does not have to be grand. It can be as small as writing. Preparing your favorite meal. Working in the garden. Reading that magazine or book that you keep glancing to. Doing something nice for yourself raises your feel-good hormones. Most of all, reward yourself every day. Making this a habit will help you become happier and appreciative of life, be it small or big.




5 ways to be happy every day

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