Happy Father’s Day

happy father's day

Happy Father’s Day!

To all the dad’s, husbands, sons, grand-fathers, uncles, brothers, step dads, and all the male friends that play a fatherly role to our child, thank you for all you do.

Not always appreciated and always there, dad’s fill life with laughter, love and advise. Always ready to give a hand.

I was very fortunate to be raised by a great man who always was there, rain of shine.   He loved his boys and had a bit of a hard time with me as a girl, and quite strict. Not because of any heartaches that I may have caused him, but because he had no idea how to deal with a girl. In his book, I was the black hole of unknown.

He was the person that will not allow me to ride my motorcycle until I knew the basic of mechanics.   How to clean my spark plug and change my brake cable just in case it broke. When I moved on to a car, the same teaching adding how to change a tire. To this day I am aware when things are not right with my car.

He never got upset, but once you did something wrong you wish he would get mad instead of the we need to talk look. It always ended on me crying and him getting his point across and well taken.

Etiquette and table manners were so important to him. Loved to read, good food, history. You could give him a date in time and he could tell you all historical events from that point on.   And then there was math. He could do any math in his head so fast that your head will spin.

He thought me this: Dress like a woman, act like a woman, think like a man.
It has been my life motto. I am thankful and grateful that he was my dad. He set the standard of how a gentleman should be. How a man should treat a woman.

As I see my my son with his dad, my heart is full of love. I see first hand how wonderfully their relationship has grown and evolved. My role as a mother, may it be ever present, has changed and my son seeks the advise of his father, as a man not as a boy. Heart warming and thankful that he is there to listen, guide and encourage.

To all of you, dad’s, Happy Father’s Day and Thank You for all you do.





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