Happy Anniversary or Congratulations?

happy anniversary

Happy Anniversary or Congratulations?

Spring is here and with such wedding anniversaries. Of course I am thrilled to see love story. I am a sap for that, and never miss the opportunity to congratulate the couple that reached another milestone of married life.

I always congratulate the couple with ” Happy Anniversary…” and a few lines when I know the couple a bit more personally.   Of late, I have noticed that peoples are writing ” Congratulations!” instead of the typical felicitations.

I have to say it makes me giggle. Maybe my English is still not to perfection, or maybe I am still thinking with my French mind. Either way, when I see congratulations the only thing that pop in my mind is: I can’t believe you made it this far! or, Amazing that you still together. You still put up with him/her?

Sarcastic or cynical I believe not to be appropriate. To me, I associate “Congratulations!” with a job well done. Something more of an accomplishment than a milestone. Something that you scream at your child T-ball game to cheer them. To passing your driving test or exam.

Happy Anniversary! I see it more as direct to the occasion. Wishing someone happiness in view of the   anniversary of their union and for the magical journey. A day that was happy and filled with love, family and friends.   A milestone as two peoples have become one and a family was beginning.

Although, the two can interchange, I fell that congratulate is colder than wishing them an happy anniversary which is a celebration of their special day.

I am asking you, what is your take? Do you with the couple a   happy anniversary or congratulations and why?



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