Good Girls ~ Bad Girls

“Good Girls Go To Heaven. Bad Girls Go Everywhere.”

I saw this years ago on the side of an eighteen wheeler truck driven by a very petite and very feminine lady, and since then stuck with me.

It can be interpreted in so many ways, and I am sure as we all giggle under our smile, we are wondering which one are we.

Which one I am?

I am a “Good Girls”. Always there for my family, as they always come first.   They are my priority as well as my friends and anyone that enters my life. Trying to help others as much as humanly possible. See the positive of situations. Trying to pay forward each time I have the opportunity.

I am a “Bad Girls” too. I love to push the envelope. But then I am a woman so you know that I will, right? However, bad is not bad either. Sometimes we need to break away from conformity to enjoy what is on our path. Seeing what is on the other side of the safe zone. Just a peek… just another step further. Take up that challenge to push ourselves to the unknown. Live the adventure.

Good versus Bad. Is there a winner? Which one are you?




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