Why? We are barely entering March that we are already planning our summer vacations. Scary to me to think that we will be out of school for a good two and half months.

When my son was little it was so much simpler, summer camps and lots of playdates lined up with the mom’s I loved.

Now that he is a teenager, well matters are a bit different. Quite different.

This morning we were presented with a calendar of activities that he would like to do this summer. The excursions are strategically planned out that we will miss the summer heat and enjoy the summer humidity.

Now all those excursion will happen via car from Arizona to New Jersey. I am not a great in car for days person. I am having a hard time driving four miles without huffing and puffing that I want out of the car, can you imagine days on end….. Kill me now!!!

I do not consider time in a car family time when one person focus on the road wondering about this and the other.   The other with their nose on a tablet or any mobile devices. And the other sleeping because the car motion make them sleepy.

Some of you may not be in agreement with me, but that it is the truth when you have a teenager in the car. Long are gone the days that you can play car games.

However,   where I am having an issue is the fact that two other persons are making the rules and I am dismissed and my input ignored. One is always the good person, the fun one, the poor person that has to live with the rules.   In the other hand,   the other one is portrayed as the rule maker that never bends.   The one that is not fun at all.

And then I started taking a few steps back, and notice that is happening all the time. What??? How did this happened?   I am having a conversation and I am rudely interrupted as I am not even in the room. I say something and the constant I get is “It’s not all about you” and continues on as I do not exist. Or, this one is a good one, “Stop being so uptight”

What the heck!!!! This is stopping now.

I am taking control here. It is my life and I do not know how long I have been granted on this hearth, but one thing for sure, that is not how I want to live it.

What is this whimsical notion that my opinion, which is a personal matter / thought that I am expressing, is wrong, and someone else opinion is right?

How is this message perceived? That it is ok to be rude, aggressive, dismissive to others? That it is ok for a person to accept it all and not stand up on their own two feet because of fear of the retaliation?

So here lays the truth. Things will change. How? I do not know yet. Would it be drastic? I hope not, but I may not have a choice. But then, I am given a choice?

Is my life like a flower that once the bloom is off you dispose of…




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