Sometimes you just have to get into your car to get away from it all

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Sometimes you just have to get into your car to get it away from it all. We have been working non stop for weeks now and decided at the last minute to go dip our feet in the water.

As you know, we do live in the desert so the near water dipping, beside our pool, is the Pacific Ocean. Car packed, arrangements made, here we are headed to Southern California for a couple of days. Perfect driving conditions until we reached Palm Desert and then bumper to bumper until the beach. With no place to be and no one to see, the traffic was bearable.

We made it to our destination to be welcomed with this stunning view of Venice Beach.

and from our room needless to say. It was beautiful sleeping and looking at the moon.

Get in just in time to enjoy a perfect sunset from our walk. After all the hours in the car our bodies welcomed the walk.

Even though it hit low 60F we enjoyed it. No wind, just the wonderful smell of sand and the sound of the waves hitting the shore.

The next day we decided to do the tourist and drive around Los Angeles. I always loves LA and used to go shopping in Melrose when I was in my early 20’s. Fun and exciting clothing with an edge. As I am pretty conservative, that was a great stretch for me.

This time no shopping however we decided to visit The Getty museum. Love that the museum is free. Great for everyone to experience such a magnificent place,   also enjoy art from Italian, French , German artists. Enjoyed Monet, Da Vinci, Gauguin, Degas and Van Gogh works. Divided in four sections, there is art for every taste.

What fascinated me was the work of Oscar Rejlander artist photographer. Referred to as the father of photography, he was able to overlay picture composition into frames as he was experimenting with printing.

Entry to The Getty

Inside flow or stairs, floors and exhibits

A couple of the artwork showcased.

Can you see the paint details on the dress? You could almost see the lace.

Russian girl lounging on a bed

Outside courtyard

Terrace with a view of Los Angeles

Having fun posing too.

Unfortunately, our trip was short and yet the most relaxing.

Cannot wait to share with you our food adventure.


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