The Moment A Person Loses Appreciation

The time a person loses appreciation...“The moment a person loses appreciation for the goodness others have done for them is the moment they begin to fall”

Powerful quote that I heard so many years ago and took up residency on my office and I refer to it often.

So true!!   Never loose sight of the hand that helped you. I have seen the ramifications first hand and I can tell you, the fall is not pretty.

Live a life of gratefulness and appreciation. Nothing immense is asked of you.   It is easy to forget who, what, when help came to you. Just remember when you were lifted and carried. When something that was so gloomy was turned into a victory.

I never wished bad upon others, nor would I ever think of doing so. I am a true believer that you get back what you wished upon others. Not to mention that karma has a way to found you.   However, when I was wronged, I saw the fall of my opponent. They were befuddle at their own predicament and not knowing what happened. Accusing everyone on sight and the only person that they needed to look at and turn their anger to, was them.   But no, they chose to not see it.

Negate the fact that what happened to them is the result of what they wished upon someone else. Negate the fact that they reached their goal, their standing, because someone was there for them.

I feel bad for them, my heart goes out. But in the end, would they ever remember the goodness that they received?




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