Time… or lack of it

Time!! Where does the time go?

This is a question that I ask myself over and over. Aging, waiting, planning, wishing, wasting… all is time-related, and all takes time, valuable time.

I am not too concerned with the aging process.   I came to terms with it long ago, accepted it, and embraced it. Let’s face it we have no choice in the matter so may as well make the best of it.

There is something fantastic yet surreal about how we take in aging.

For instance, I do not mind seeing my body changing, and that comes like clockwork every ten years with me. A few extra pounds here and there.   Couple more wrinkles… I wish I could say a couple of more gray hairs, but that, unfortunately, came early on.

One thing, however, that I am founding challenging is that my mind still thinks that I am in my mid 20’s and my body pretty much tells me, ” Slow down there. You ain’t a spring chick anymore.” That is not fun.

Waiting… Oh, do I ever wait!!!

As I sit all day at my desk working on my computer, I am constantly waiting. Waiting for the pictures to be uploaded. Waiting to download. Not to mention waiting at the carpool.   Waiting to get a straight answer to my question… Waiting… Wishing that things will go faster because I cannot wait to move on to the next project.

The time that I found absolutely unreasonable is the official time. The over and over twenty-four hours encompass a whole day. The wonderful day awakens us every day, and I am truly blessed by the opportunity to spend another day enjoying life.
Meanwhile, I am just having a more complex and harder time fitting all I need to do in a 24 hours day.

I genuinely believe we should all be given expandable and extendable hours to be used at our discretion. I feel that I need at least 50 hours a day to get things done.

What happened to me?

Am I the only one with this issue? I always heard that the older you get, the faster time passes.

Yes, that is starting to become a realization. However, why is it that we keep doing the same amount of work day in and day out, and yet with each day, we have so much leftover to do that we never see the end of it?

It does not matter how much planning I do, and trust me there is planning involved with my life or any life of teenagers and working moms, yet I never get things accomplished.

Ok!! One thing I do is make my bed. Religiously and without waiting a minute, my bed is made. The room was organized. That is the one task I can proudly say I accomplish each day.

So why do I never have time?

Is it because I spend so much time waiting for things to happen? Is it because we have become such an electronically connected society that we want the speed of light, and we expect it now, not a second from now? What would happen to my life, our lives, if we stop and enjoy a precious moment of time stolen away from the rush of life?

Well!!! Life will go on, and the world will not come to an end.   However, if something magical happened, I would have stopped and enjoyed life, even for a minute.

Taken in a breath of fresh air.   I had a conversation with a friend, or better yet, a cup of coffee with stimulating conversation. Shared an intimate moment with a loved one.

Cleared my head of all the clutter and see a better, more significant picture and purpose. Read that article that has been sitting on my desk for weeks.   Enjoyed my surrounding. Enjoyed life.

Time... or lack of it
Can you see the Heart-shaped cloud? That magic moment when all stopped… beauty welcomes you.

The full moon peeking thru the cactuses in the morning.

Midnight Star welcomes the day.

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