The Journey Begins


“There is a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne” – Bette Davis

Good Morning!!

I love the above quote from Bette Davis. This is my official first blog post here at Giangi Townsend. I must admit I am nervous. A guess a glass of Champagne will be in order. However, I have been up since 2am, it is 7am now and a glass of Champagne, even thou sounds terrific, will send me back to bed.

Why I am nervous! Simple, I will be talking about me, my life, what I am doing. Putting myself all out there. It is a bit challenging coming from someone who can talk about food, or anything else, but when it come to me… well… not so much.

The journey began ions ago. At an early age I always enjoyed writing. Never kept a journal per say, long story that will not be replicated it in my family, nor would I get into the detail. Read lots of fascinating books and always wonder how it felt to sit at a table and type.

But what to write about? Let’s start with the early part of my childhood. The part that formed me, I enjoyed and that still within me.

I was very fortunate to be raised in Paris. From all places, Paris is a great place to live. It was when I was growing up.   The city of lights, shopping, great food and perfumes. Not to mention museum for everything and anything.

Growing up and taking the Metro was second nature and to this day, once home, the American cap leaves and the French one comes out and like it was yesterday, i know exactly were to go, which exit to take. Scary that you can actually split yourself like that. The “now” and the “then” that interchange.

There was a freedom to go a “Café” and order a hot chocolate or soft drink at 14 and be served and treated as an adult. With friends we would go to the “Marche aux Puces” once in a while and shop for stuff. Clothing and funky jewelry was what we came home with. But the experience to rummage thru old stuff has grown into this passion for antiques today.

Having passionate and deep debates about Voltaire, Moliere, Rousseau, Zola, Proust, Flaubert and Baudelaire and many more,   was the most exhilarating experience in one’s life. Mind you, we were in our early teens, and yet we debated issues with so much passion. Going thru old books at the street vendors stall. Going to the FNAC, if you are in Paris you must visit – the largest book store that will take you in and never let you go, and spending hours looking for that “one” book.   I actually spent so many hours at the local library that my dad knew where to find me.

And then there is food. Yes! Even as a teenager food was important. School lunch cafeterias served meats and veggies, but let’s not forget the pate`, salad, cheese and dessert. Talk about eating like a king.   The daily fresh baguette.   We used to time ourselves walking home from school so we could buy it hot out of the oven. Always bought a 1/2 baguette more just for me, for the trip home.   I used to line a whole chocolate bar inside of my half baguette and eat it on my way home. Did I mention pastries? Pain au chocolat, pain au raisin, flan… I could go on for ever.   One thing that we were taught also, was the pairing of food and wine. Each wine goes along their food counterpart and we enjoyed wine as much as you enjoyed food.



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