Seattle, One Of My Favorite Cities

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Seattle is one of my favorite cities. I love this vibrant city by the sea.

I have been coming up here for years, and I must say, I am always welcomed by beautiful weather and happy to continue my lucky streak.

Sunny, not too hot, we embraced this beautiful city and enjoyed it.

The first thing we did is take a long walk alongside the wharf. This is all new since the last time I visited. The freeway overpass was removed to lead way to a beautiful walking area, filled with shops and restaurants.

Seattle, One Of My Favorite Cities

Going to Pike’s Public Market has always been my favorite.

It filled with stalls. It is almost impossible to walk away without buying something.

Artists of all sorts: weavers, painters, silversmiths, wood makers. And of course all sorts of beautiful flowers, flowers bouquets, fish, food…

The fun part is to see the fish being passed from one fishmonger to another.
Playing with my camera setting and truly enjoyed this black and white, what do you think?

Seattle, One Of My Favorite Cities

The color of those peonies and sunflowers are unique.

Did someone mention fish?

But what is close to my heart is the original “Sur La Table” store.

Love this store. I first shopped at Sur La Table when it was only one privately owned store.

That tells you how long ago. Here with all the great cooking gadgets, pots, and pans, something inside of me created this considerable desire to cook.

Where I purchased my first ‘Le Creuset”.   I used to call this store to purchase more Le Creuset.

The beginning of a grand love affair with cooking and where the idea of Giangi’s Kitchen started.

My passion is not shared by my son, but then I cannot blame him. He finally can catch up chatting with his friends.

A quick stop at the original “Starbucks” where Alex got his hot cocoa and a small souvenir.

Favorite city, favorite cocoa, therefore he is happy.

Next, The Space Needle. Standing tall with great views of Seattle, as well as being newly remodeled, it is a must.

With the new glass floor as well as the glass railings, you get a truly fantastic experience.

Seattle, One Of My Favorite Cities

A boat tour gives you a great view of the city from afar

or from near

Seattle, One Of My Favorite Cities

There is so much to see and so many pictures to share.

Therefore, I am going to leave you with this stunning sunset.

I love the sun setting color reflection on the water.

Seattle, One Of My Favorite Cities Giangi Townsend

Enjoy this short tour of Seattle, one of my favorite cities.


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