Be Yourself in A Society Where Thin is Still Beautiful

Be yourself in a society where thin is still beautiful, good looks are still above anything else, and influence and power can take you places. It is hard to fit in.

The clichéd word “be yourself” is hard-pressed on women and a lot of us take the words “just be yourself” as equivalent to “you are flawless just the way you are.”

Well, reality check, you are not perfect and will never be. So do not put too much pressure on yourself and consider the following tips:

~ Don’t take things too personally.

When you go out there, everyone is doing their thing. People do not think of you closely as you would have imagined. They have lives of their own.

So live your life and stop thinking about what other people would say and think about you. It serves no purpose but to undermine your self-worth.

Do not get yourself wrapped in other people’s opinions. Do not compare yourself to others. Let other opinions of you bounce off your shoulder. They do not know you as you do know yourself, the kind, loving person you are.

Life is too short. Live your best life. Live your life.

~ Never settle.

There is so much talk about finding Mr. Right. Sure, it will be great to marry your childhood sweetheart or your first and last boyfriend, but are you confident that he is husband material?

This means you must still try to know if the person you are with right now will make you live a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Easy to settle for something that is already there. However, remember that this is your life with “the one”.

I see many people settling because they are getting older and do not want to be alone. But is not being alone worthy of you loving yourself and choosing to wait to fill your heart with love instead contentment?

Therefore never settle for someone who is only good enough.

~ Work at being interesting.

Control how much you share on social media or in real life.

Social media has created this abyss of pouring all your inner thoughts. We take our grievances, happiness, and hate out in the public eye to get some recognition or feel validated.

We all know that women love sharing their thoughts, experiences, and other whatnot.   This is perfectly fine, but make sure you have your boundaries.

We have all been there – stuck in traffic, paid the bills, got that shoes on sale – no one needs to share your everyday happenings. You don’t have to verbalize everything.

Keep yourself attractive to others who are dying to know more about you.

~ Work smarter, not harder

Early in life, we are taught to work harder to have food on our table, pay the bills, and spend some spare money wisely. But, most of the time, working harder could take a toll not just on the physical but also on our mental perspective.

There should always be a balance.

Working smarter is the new thing. This does not mean to say that you will laze around. Ascertain what needs to be done and what can wait.

Work with a plan in mind. Set your goals: long-term and short time. Today we have great online tools that can help us stay on track with all our work-related activities and time.

Pencil in some “me time” with your “work time.” I always found that some “me time” replenishes me for work time, and I can do all I need to do with a clear mind.

Focus on one task at a time. This will save you time and energy. Start working smarter by tackling important tasks first.

Not only will they give way to have accomplished your goals, but it also brings a work-life balance knowing that you have achieved your goal.

Be yourself

~ Say what you mean

Nothing is more damaging to oneself than saying what we do not mean. Stop trying to please others for fear of not being liked or rubbing them the wrong way.

Be yourself and accurate to your values. It is the greatest gift you could bestow upon yourself. Speak the truth when things are said against your beliefs.   Fear, not the discomfort that you may feel internally.

Be yourself. Yes, a clichéd line mentioned above, but it is one of the best secrets of a modern, happy woman.

She likes what she likes, not because others like it. She dislikes what she thinks does not look and feel good, not because others do not like it. But because she, internally, feels good about her beliefs.

You are a unique individual. Women are not all created the same. There is no group of women who act and behave in the same way.

~ Resist pleasing others constantly.

Seeking validation from others is a surefire way to prevent yourself from living your best life. We cannot please everyone, no matter what we do.

Be responsible for your happiness. You are the only master that can accomplish that. Let your heart guide you, not your insecurity.

Pleasing others is a self-imposed burden that serves no purpose. You will grow to resent yourself later in life, and that is not how you want to live.

Be yourself, the beautiful person you are and are meant to be. Take a minute break to see all you have accomplished. The road that has to lead you here, to this very moment.

Worry not about life’s little synchronizes that take you away from yourself and waste your time.

Now, aren’t we all glad there is none of that? So, stop trying to fit in just for the sake of belonging.

Love who you are.

Be yourself!



Be Yourself

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  1. Work at being interesting. I loved when you said “ You don’t have to verbalize everything. Keep yourself interesting to others that they are dying to know more about you.” In a culture that tends to now over share I love you encouraging us to be somewhat mysterious.

    1. Thank you for reading my post. I feel that not everything is to be shared. Although I am out there with my blog sharing, there are things that are best left to be private. We do have to have, and I strongly feel that a part of us must be all ours.

  2. I love your take on being yourself. I totally agree that being yourself means loving yourself and being true to who you are, what you like, etc. But at the same time it also means recognizing how you want to grow and continually bettering yourself.

    1. Absolutely Laura. That comes without saying. We must constantly grow, learn, adapt and strive to be and do better. Without that, we will stagnate in life.
      Thank you for reading my post.
      Best, Giangi

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