Men Mature, Women Age, Why is that?

Men mature, women age; why is that?  Why do we accept it? Acceptance and aging I do not think that we should live in the same world.

As we get older, we are supposedly mellowing out. Or at least the world wants us, women, to mellow out. To see life from mom’s eyes and see life differently… on and on with this nonsense.

We age physically; that is a given. No need to discuss it further. However, we do not have to accept to be put or put ourselves aside. That is the issue that we are faced with.

Middle age women and men go thru changes as the years go by. Let’s take men, for instance.

Men wake up one day, look at the woman next to them, thru thick and thin, and suddenly, she is older, not as slim, and some lines are gracing her once youthful face.

And, of course, they still see themselves as the high school stud muffin they were 20-30 or so years back and with a complete set of hair and no flabby belly. Oh no, sir! They are in full youth bloom!! Blooming alright, but in the wrong direction.

At this stage of life, some men get a wild hair and decide to re-live their youth and make havoc of their, and everyone else, life around them. 

Not all men are like that, thankfully.

But for the ones that do, the transformation is uncanny.

Losing weight, coloring their hair, if any left. They are trading the family car for the sports car. Start acting like teenagers with no care in the world.

Unfortunately, some are trading the family for the young thing that says yes to everything because she sees the bank account and the lifestyle that comes with the more mature man.

I am referring to a good 25-30 and up years gap here. Sorry guys!!! I don’t mean to pick on you, but you know what I mean.

So why do we say “Man Mature” when some men’s actions are not mature at all? This will always be a mystery.

And here we sit, ladies! We dedicated our life to pleasing a man, raising our children, and working logistics better than anyone business.

Clean snot, vomit, missed bowl… Pick up, put away, clean, and cook for most of our prime years.

We can get ready in a flash for that last-minute dinner plan that will enhance your spouse’s career, while the only thing we want to do is take the infamous shower, hopefully by ourselves.  Wear comfy pj’s and curl up in bed.

The idea of watching tv or reading fades away fast as we are so dead tired. But no, we put on the happy face, and off we go.

We put our desires and wants on the back burner to please our kids and husbands. Our careers either take life away from where we really want to be or are pushed way on the back burner.

We trade in our gorgeous lingerie for mom’s undies and yoga bras.  Heels for snickers or worse, flip flops, let’s face it, easy on and off. Short skirts, suits, and dresses for yoga, leggings, and t-shirt.

What do we do to ourselves when that 50 mark hits? We feel comfortable in our shoes, and life is happy and serene.

Our duty as a mother is almost done, and now we can enjoy life.

And then you wake up one morning with this stranger next to you that thinks he is Brad Pitt or Keanu Reeves and starts acting like someone out of a comic book.  He needs to breathe and needs space.

As we started to look around, we noticed how complacent we had become. 

We lost all sexual appeal. Why? 

We fell into our comfort zone. No one’s fault. Our closet is full of yoga and gym clothes. Our lingerie drawer is lace free and full of sports bras.

Ladies, those have to go, as they are so unflattering on many levels. Our overall appearance is not as it used to be. We desperately need a change.

The change is to start by taking a very close look in the mirror and asking ourselves: What do I love the most about me?

Look at all your beautiful features and start from there. Enhance your inner and outer beauty. Do not be afraid to step out of your box.

Do not let someone “is that what you are wearing?” or ” I like when you look natural,” or even better, “Just be comfy..” place conformity on your life.

Why do men have this power to change us, yet they are looking for precisely the person we were before the transformation? 

Why are we afraid to tell them to bite the dust? Do role reversal on them and see what happens. Not pretty, right?

Start by making small changes. Nothing major will be regretted later.

A newly updated hairdo, do not go crazy and chop everything off cause. New makeup and definitely a brighter “look at me” lipstick.

Trade in the gym clothes for real clothes, and will all the sales going on all the time, and you will not break the bank.

Bring back the lingerie for you. Lingerie is for you ladies, not for a man. You will be surprised how good it feels to know that you are wearing something fun, sexy, and devilishly attractive, and it is all for you. Your mood will feel sexy, look happier, and more attractive.

Most of all, the best vengeance is to be happy.  And no, do not date immediately to get even with the ex. Love yourself first.

After all, from the date you got married to now, you have changed too. You do not like the same things anymore. Your whole world is not the same anymore, so why should you?

Do love and carve to have time to yourself and heal your heart first.

Once you are secure in your heart, do not be afraid to date again.

And if the opposite of you captures your attention and heart, and it happens to be young…. have fun.

You only live once, so why not?

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