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Well!! We added a new member to our family. Yes, after 3 years of quiet, freedom and relaxation somehow a young baby Westie (West Highland White Terrier) has joined our clan.

Still debating if it was a good idea or not as this cute little baby is staring into my eyes and acts sweet as honey. Let me introduce you to Fergus.

Adorable little guy full of personality and the Westie attitude. Yes, Westies have attitudes. A good one, but an attitude needless to say. You see, they have no ideas that they are dogs, but they think they are teen ager. With such they are pushing the envelope as far as they can.

When caught in the act, Fergus act simultaneously shocked that you think he did something wrong and guilty, just in case you may have caught him. The eyes are tender and low, the hears swing back and forth depending of your look and tone of voice. And yes, he will do anything to get back into your good graces.

As the house starts to turn into “Fergus World” and we are the care-givers in his world, life is never boring. Still a puppy in training, and for that all Westie owners are due a medal. The hardest breed to potty train.

An inquisitive mind that love to discover where everything is and works. No nook and cranny left undiscovered. Behind the refrigerator was his favorite spot until got stuck because he grew, and no cord is left untouched. I believe I doggies proofed the house more than child proof it.

His attention span is immaculately perfect when he see and want to do something that he like, but when you want him to do something…. I think it is easier to take my son and   husband shopping for hours on end that change a Westies mind.

Westies are very loving, caring and understanding. One look at you and they know what is going on. They let you know that they are there for you, happy if you are happy, loving if you are sad or upset. Even more loving if they know you are not happy with them.

Fergus has already an impeccable sense of time, mainly breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Can sleep all night with no accidents and yet throughout the day it fascinates me how often he will have to go outside, more times that you have time.

Of course he will cuddle with me for a whole two seconds and when nothing else is tickling his fancy. I guess if I wanted a lap dog, I should have looked at another breed.

Toys…Every night I collect what seams to be a collections of bones, stuffed animals and squeaky toys. I actually wonder where they all come from, the number doubles under my eyes. Maybe we have a toy fairy that I am not aware of it.

All per all, seeing that Fergus is my forth Westie, I thought I saw it all but this one takes the cake. He is not fond of taking walks. Maybe I should re-phrase it, he is not fond of the route we take or maybe is the long walk we had   when he just arrived at the house that scares him. Which ever it is, it’s a bit comical to see him laying down, not exaggerating, and not walking. As soon as you stop it is a mad dash for the house door. “Why do you want me to get tired mom when there is so much trouble I can get in while you are working?” I feel that is going thru his mind.

Why the name Fergus? I wanted to name him Idefix. Idefix translated to English “Fixed Idea”, is a cute little white dog on one of our favorite French comic book, Asterix & Obelix. The name is perfect and would have suited him to a “T”.   Now as English speaking… No one could pronounce correctly. Not to mention a French name on a non French breed….



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