Good Morning

There is something to be said about not sleeping all night. Your mind is it’s own racetrack and you are the programmed auto pilot.

Throughout the year the habit of not sleeping, has deepened and intensified, therefore, here I am at 2 am awake and full of energy. Maybe until the glorious afternoon crash which comes so close to the infamous   thump of my head on the desk. Hence, I am fortunate that   I can take a 20 minutes power nap so I will not fall asleep at the dinner table. Love those naps.

During those early morning rise, I take advantage of the stillness of the house, to prepare for the day ahead of me. Email answered. Websites checked and finally ready to enjoy some coffee.

I really enjoy being behind my camera, and I try every day to improve on my picture taking. A gargantuan task as I can never remember the aperture and the light and the white balance, thus being a bit problematic at times. However, I do not take a millions of pictures because I have a digital camera.

Almost all of my favorite pictures are a one shot only photo. I do not have a specific genre that I photograph. I found beauty on every thing. Love capturing the essence of nature and improving on the essence of a person. What ever it is that attract me at that moment to memorize it in a picture,   something that speaks to me.   I have albums full of pictures that I look over once in a while.

With the digital world it seams we do not keeps, or shall I say print, pictures as often as we used to. Something that I need to improve on it.

Eight years ago a dear friend of mine, Denise, gave me this wonderful small white orchid as a gift. Love orchids. To me they are like ballerinas. Thin, gentle and well defined, fragile almost, and yet very sturdy, strong and tenacious.

Immediately I brought it to my bedroom as a result I was not able to find the perfect spot for it therefore I decided to place it on my bathroom vanity. Perfect indirect light all day. It get more attention   and often that any other plants in the house.   I have been enjoying years of wonderful blooms.

This year, however, I am blessed with double blooming, and in the same month. Stunning cluster of white delicate flowers. Soft white petals with a very distinct yellow to orange to deep red colors all in this tiny flower.




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