My Favorite Sunrise

My favorite sunrise. I LOVE to wake up early in the morning and see day light break. There is something magical and enchanting to it. Life waking up slowly. Birds feeling the first rays of sun and welcoming the day with their joyful chipper.

Everything come to live almost like a fan that opens up. Everything is ready for the gorgeous day ahead of us.

Sunrises on the water are just spectacular. Slowly, every small wave get kissed by the sun rays. Each wave has her own color. The sand takes on a different shade. Getting lighter and lighter, warmer and warmer as the day goes by.

Spending my summers in Italy, thus   this gorgeous scene is what welcomed me to a new day, to new adventures. This sunrise reminds me of a life not so far ago. While traditions that have been shared and I still hold dear to my heart.

Peoples that I have loved and have loved me. Trying times, loving times, times that will never be back.

I never get tired to look at this picture.



Montesilvano Spiaggia, PE Italy

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