Seeing the World thru a small eye piece

Seeing the world thru the small eye piece of a camera puts everything into a different perspective. Love to be behind my camera and if you knew how many pictures I have taken throughout the years, you definitely will shake your head.

Any subject intrigues me. However, what I found most fascinating, is that I love to take pictures of flowers. To me they are secret keepers. Delicate and strong at the same time. Each petal, each color, each movement is well balanced and put forth. The book of time at a standstill and and yet ever changing.

Mostly, I admire the beauty of the cross section of colors. How each petals is given his color. The intricacy of the pattern and color nuances.

Crazy how this may sounds, everywhere I go, if there is a flower somewhere, I am there taking a picture of it.

While vacationing with friends in Colorado, I took the picture of this gorgeous flower. There she was standing in the middle of rocks. A Colorado Columbine. They come in all sort of colors and this is one is a light gray /lavender / blue outer petals with yellow inside petal cluster that really grabbed me.

Each time I see this flower, it is a reminded of a specific time of my life. A time where everything looked so gray and baneful. A time were I was being hopeful that the beauty of my world will come back shining with rays of sunshine. This flower reminds me of that. The outer leaves that are the first to open, darker and somber are hiding the inside beautiful radiant color and gentle beauty.

Like the flower with each passing season, the smile, the strength, the beauty returns to life.



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  1. I definitely share with you this passion for plants and especially flowers… kind of mesmerising…

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