Pet Peeves, I Do Have Some…

Pet peeves, I do have some…

As human we all tolerate things to a certain level. I think my level of tolerance is pretty high, however sometimes things just send me climbing up the walls. Why some things bother more than others, it is a mystery to me. But here I am, and the list gets longer with age instead of shorter.

So here are a few of my all time favorite pet peeves:


People that drive slow on the left or fast lane. Really!!!   I appreciate that you think you own the road because you pay taxes, but peoples, if you are a slow driver, move over. That is why there are two to three lanes on highways.

Turning signal light: I am not a mind reader and cannot guess where you want to go. However, you do know and can do something about it.

Taking two parking spaces.


Talking on the phone out-loud in public and expecting everyone around you to keep quiet. Or better yet, putting the phone on speakerphone so we all can hear both side of the conversation. Seriously?? My knee jerk reaction is to talk even louder just to annoy you.

Not answering to a phone call but texting right after instead, and mind you, with whole sentences and carrying on a whole text conversation. You are either busy with someone else and are rude to both of us. Working, which in this case you are personal texting on company paid time which is a no no.

Loud ring tones and then letting the phone ring because they do not want to talk to whom ever is calling them. Turn the phone off then, but stop annoying all of us around you.

Texting while walking and expecting everyone around you to move over because you are too important to look up 3 inches above the screen and be aware of your surroundings. I am always tempted to bump into those peoples or slap the phone out of their hands.

Spending time on the phone at dinner at a restaurant and not interacting with the person(s) that are present. If you are that busy, go back to your office and let your family enjoy a meal in peace.

Giving annoying little beeping games on the phone or tablets to their kids so they can keep quiet and not disturb you, as the whole restaurant has to listen to the annoying beeps and bing and chink…

Table / Restaurant Manners:

Chewing with your mouth open, or better yet, talking with your mouth full. The game “See Food” is intended for little babies not for anyone over the age of 1 1/2 to 2 years old or 18 to 24 months old.

Poor table etiquette. Elbow are to be off the table, hands on each side of your dish, on the table not your lap. Leg properly hanging down the chair not under your butt. Cut, yes cut with the help of a knife your food. Take small bite and please, eat with your mouth close. You can still breath thru your nose so you will not die.

The restaurant staff is not your personal servant, and should be treat with the respect that you want to be treated with. I get irate when people treat waiters / waitresses rudely and allow their children to do the same. Remember they could be your mom, father, brother, sister, daughter, son…

People and more:

Body Odor. I know that there is so many soaps and deodorant to choose from, so please choose one, anyone.

Arrogance and arrogant people that love to put everyone down.

Being late. You are allowed one late but a chronic lateness is unacceptable. This to me is the epitome of rudeness as they have no consideration of other’s time.

Lies and liars. Remember lies have short legs sooner or later they all come out to the surface.

Screaming children’s, temper tantrum and parents that ignore the situation.

People that drag, scuff their feet while walking. Wear shoes that fit your feet, or that you can walk with them.

Men playing with their change, keys or what ever else they have in their pocket.

Dog poop left on the front yard or sidewalk.

Using the word “Like” as it is the only word in the English dictionary

People that talk over you while you are clearly still in the middle of the sentence.

When you open the door for someone and not only they do not thank you, they also glide straight past you as if people should open doors for them.

Toilet seat left up. As you are able to lift it up, you can do the same in reverse.

Dirty dishes on the sink and all around the counter with an empty dishwasher right there.

Not using “Please” and “Thank you”.   They are very easy words to remember so make an effort.

What are your pet peeves?










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