When you say “Yes” to others….

When you say “Yes” to others, make sure you are not saying “No” to yourself.

Paolo Coehlo

Do you read quotes and some leave you ambivalent and some get you to the core? This quote from Paolo Coehlo sure got to me. I can relate to.

I feel like a rose bud. So many layers to get to the core. So many petals to open and blossoms,   and once the petals are all open, they fall off and the rose dies. Is this what is happening to me? is it that I am letting life run by me as I am constantly saying no to me? What would happen to me when there is no more of me to give? Would I be discarded as the dead rose?

I do get lost on always saying yes to others, putting their needs first to the point that when it comes to my needs I get this deer on headlight puzzled look of complete shock and disdain that I even have needs. When did I become not important? Why have I allow it?

I am taking my life back. I want to feel free to say no and not worry about judgement or disapproval. I did reach that and now it is gone, and for what? Nothing changed, but it is expected of me to accept and take it. They get to live their lives, I do not get to live mine.

I do not have much left on this journey that is life, I am tired of always been second. I will no longer be second to anyone.



When you say "Yes" to others....


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