Life Can Be A Struggle

Life can be a struggle. Sometimes, it can feel like you are not going anywhere in terms of your career and personal life.

In the past year, you may not have accomplished the goals you set. Disappointments may be overwhelming you right now, but know that you are not alone. It happens to everyone, and this does not mean you have to be stuck forever.
Now, a new year is coming. Take it as an opportunity to better yourself.
Below are some good habits to build now for 2020. These habits should help you improve your life and reach your goals when you are facing difficulties.

Eliminate Distractions

According to Statista, Americans spend an average of one hour and 57 minutes on social media every day.
Checking your social media eats a huge chunk of your time. And it does you little to no good.
It’s time to stop spending your time mindlessly. This year eliminate all your distractions to become more efficient.
Start by creating a less-tempting environment. If you are working in front of a computer, use blocking apps to prevent yourself from visiting shopping and social media sites.

Challenge yourself to get regular exercise.

Exercising gives you a fresh perspective when you are facing issues. This activity releases endorphins in your body that help relieve stress.
When faced with problems, it can get overwhelming. Emotional even. And when you are sentimental, your thinking and judgment get clouded.
Exercising gives you a clearer and sharper mind. Exercise helps you create decisions based on logic and not on emotions.
A simple walk for 30 minutes is a great way to get that body working. You may also consider following a training regimen or get yourself into a workout challenge.
Yes, exercising itself can be challenging. However, this is the year to stop making excuses, which brings us to our next point.

Stop Making Excuse

Excuses will not take you anywhere.
Making excuses all the time only causes disappointments.
Remember that one time you reasoned being tired? You delayed your tasks for the next day. How about missing that meet up with your friends because you said you do not have time? You also missed the chance to bond with them.
Had you not made excuses, things could have been different things could have been better.
It stings, but you need to know that you should stop making excuses. Always push yourself and grab every opportunity that will come. Or better yet, create opportunities yourself.

Seek Opportunities

It’s easy for us to stay in our comfort zone, and there is nothing wrong with that. That is if you are happy with what you are doing now.
But the longer you stay, the more things become more stagnant. Your comfort zone starts to hold you back in life, halting your growth and learning.
If you do not take risks, you will not discover your true self. So, start playing a more active role in seeking greater things in 2020.
Do not let life becomes a routine. Actively reach for more to better yourself.

This year, work on achieving and improving your life. Disappointments will come, but building the above good habits lets you overcome the challenges you will face soon.



Life can be a struggle

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