10 Ideas For Activities To Do With Your Children

10 Ideas for activities to do with your children while at home.

As most of us are on two weeks at home seclusion due to the coronavirus outbreak, the thought can send us spinning on what to do ourselves, let alone with children.

Tons of ideas are running through my mind as I am in the same predicament as all of you.

I have put together a few activities that will keep us busy most days. Here is my plan, and hopefully, some ideas will be executed in your family too.

10 ideas for activities to do with your children while at home:

Games: Bring out all your boards or cards games and set a time to play. Monopoly, Uno, Chutes and Ladders, Scrabble, Yahtzee, twister can be hours of fun.   Take turns on who decides what game to play. One of my favorite activities as you can spend hours laughing, talking.

Cooking: It is lots of fun to cook with the little ones. First of all, not only will they eat all they are making.   However, if they are in lower or middle school, this is a great way to use their math skills by measuring ingredients, follow a recipe. Teenager? Have them fix dinner. Give them the central part of the meal and have them come up with something.

Paint: With children in the house, there are always crayons, brushes, pencils around. Take a piece of paper, and all of you decide if you want to paint a specific item or if you want to choose to let your imagination go free. Discuss the painting project afterward.

Reading: Catch up on the book that never got finished. One way to build a great conversation is to read all the same books and discuss them””a great way to share your opinion constructively and see things from another point of view.

Movies: Movie nights can be fun. Each member of the family can choose a film that they want the family to watch that is appropriate for all ages, of course.   Make popcorns, hot cocoa, fun snacks.   Turn off the lights, grab a blanket, and here you have your home theater.

Writing: Make a journal of this experience of all of you being together. The script can be shared or private. Must of all, keeping a journal will help with sharing the feeling that otherwise will not be expressed.

Cleaning and donating: What a better time to have everyone go through their closet and give what they are not wearing anymore, or they have outgrown it.   The separation for the little one is much easier this way. Meanwhile, teenagers’ rooms can be scary to tackle by ourselves; therefore, this is perfect timing to have them declutter and organize. Once we are back to normal, we can all make that run to our favorite organization to donate.

Projects, Crafts: Pinterest is full of projects to do at home with your kids. From science project, working with paint, creating presents for the grandparents, you name it Pinterest has it all. You may also have your own home projects that you may want to tackle. Why not learn something new like knitting, sewing.

Scavenger hunt: Nothing more thrilling than to have your little one find items that you hid, and they have to recover after the clues you gave them.

Dance: Yes, you read it right: dance. We are all indoor, and our bodies need some exercise. Therefore, dancing provides that, and it is so much fun. Create dance moves, follow the leader on the dance floor. Play all sorts of music and let your dancing shoe boogie away.

I wish everyone a safe couple of weeks. Let’s make the best of this time to bond. Hopefully, some of the above activities will bring hours of entertainment.

I see this as my silver lining to have my son with me.



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    1. We never seem to be done with cleaning, right? Dancing is fun at all ages. The little ones giggle and the older ones love to make fun of our “Old Moves”. So much fun.
      Thank you, Crystal, for stopping by my blog.

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