Raising Happy Children


Children are a true gift from God. They are precious little ones who sometimes can be overwhelming, but their innocence is something that no parent can resist. As parents, we aim to give our children all the best, raise them well, and make them happy individuals. It may be a bit challenging to balance between what makes the children happy and what is best for them, but both do not necessarily have to be exclusive. According to experts, happy children are a lot likely to become successful adults in the future.

So, how do we raise happy children? The following are helpful advices for parents by parents and experts:

  1. Be Happy Yourself

How happy you are has a lot of influence over how happy your children will become. Happy parents raise happy children. This is true. According to research, there is a major link between parents who are often depressed and fighting to children who often throw tantrums. Parental depression may likely to cause behavioral problems in children, and obviously not the right way to effectively raise our young.

To make sure you are raising happy kids, you must make an effort to always let your children see how happy you are at home. Ensure that you’re a kind of parent who is always present in a positive way. Always make an effort to hang out with each other more often, talk about happy experiences, laugh, and be with happy family members and friends. Happiness is contagious, and you have the power to rub this off to your children.

  1. Emphasize excellence and not perfection

Did you know that parents who are perfectionists and always pushing the accomplishment barrel are more likely to raise drained, fearful of failure, pressured, and stressed out kids? Do you even want that for your children to experience? Of course not. So stop being the Mommy or Daddy who always pressure their kids to do well at school and get more awards. These are important achievements, but note that the future of your children does not rely on achievements alone. Make them happy kids and they will rule the world   when they grow up. Remember that perfectionism focuses on “doing the thing ‘right” and not “doing the right thing”. The pursuit of excellence keeps you focused at the task on hand and bring positivity to your life.

  1. Teach Your Children to be Compassionate

Teach them as early as now and they will carry these through when they grow up. However, above all their achievements, make it known that being kind and compassionate with others are the two most important things in this world. Lead by example and show them how a simple act of kindness can cause ripple effect. Some of the simplest things to show compassion is by sharing food and toys to others or helping a friend. It need not be grand. Teach your children the simple ways first. The rest they will definitely follow.

  1. Teach Your Children the Value of Relationships

Happy children know how to value relationships. They give importance to people and not on things. If you want to raise happy children, make sure that you show them how to be people-person, encourage them to do good at all times, teach them honesty, and make them realize that happiness is found in relationships and loving others.

  1. Help your Child find happiness in everyday things

Showing a child small daily miracles that will bring a smile to their faces consequently it will allows them to feel and be happy. It does not have to be big. The happiness to found a new book, a color crayon and color paper. That drawing that they made is important to you and you display it. As Albert Einstein said:

“There are only two ways to live our life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”



raising happy children

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