I Read A Newspaper Today

Today I did the unexpected. I read a newspaper! Not only I miss it, but I love it beyond belief.

It may sound funny, I know, but it was a physical paper. You know the one: the large paper format that takes over the whole kitchen table. The ink stain in your fingers. The comic section, the recipes… Boy!! Did I ever missed reading the paper!

Do not take me wrong here; I do read the news on my computer, but it is not the same.   I get sidetracked, thus never reading an article to the end. All the ads going up and down, flashing all over moving the page always annoy me and get me more hyper than anything else.   Because it is on a small screen, I have the tendency to scan through the article and missing some points here and there.

Today, I permitted myself to step away from the desk that I spend so many hours on it. Having a cup of tea and having a relaxing moment to enjoy it and reading the paper in perfect peace. My mind was serene and calm. Every article I read made sense. I got to enjoy my favorite comic strips. I have not read a Garfield comic strip in so long.

The food section was fantastic. Not only it offered great recipes, which I cannot wait to try,   but the added history behind them””pure bliss.

In a world that asks us to go paperless, and I do agree in so many instances that it is the best venue to take, I am still in love with the smell of paper, may it be books or magazines. I enjoy getting my monthly magazines and reading them cover to cover. I never found the same excitement with digital issues.

But we are such a digital world, and it does make more business sense having digital publications vs. regular. Digital editions are much easier to assemble. Enter all the data on the computer, upload it, send it, and within seconds, your customers are happy worldwide.

But with paper printing, the expenditures are enormous. Presses to run. Materials to purchase, a workforce to oversee it all, and of course distribution and logistics. Becoming less and less feasible to operate.

I embrace change, however, when it comes to the news, I love to zero-in the articles that interest me aside from the local, country and worldwide news. With the paper newspaper, you are there in seconds as it is all the layout for you. I am not able to enjoy it in the digital format. The ever so changing pattern is not my friend I guess.

Not politically correct, but I know I am not the only one that still likes paper periodicals, I am?

I will be happy and a loyal paper reader until the end.




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