Celebrating Happy Green Day Everyday

Celebrating Happy Green Day Everyday. The holidays tend to be the most hectic   not to mention frustrating times. It is also the time when people rush to get things done.
Sometimes we get so busy that we   fail to notice just how much rubbish we leave behind. The holiday season does not need to be a burden for Mother Nature.
In fact, having a sustainable Christmas and all celebrations can be very fulfilling. It’s high time that we decrease our environmental impact and make the holiday greener and white too. And of course, this can be implemented all year long.
The following are some really great ideas to do that:

  • Choose to Buy Less

Remember that you don’t always have to buy something to give a gift to someone. Store bought gifts can feel too generic at times and thus they lose significance. Sometimes personalized gifts can have a deeper meaning especially if you crafted them yourself.

  • Buy Smart, Go Local

Some of the gift items that we see in stores today come from halfway around the world. It’s great sometime but we also need to consider the fact that the amount of pollution it can build up just to transport all those goods from miles away.
Here’s a good idea””buy local and buy smart.
Is there a local gift shop in your area that sells home grown items that you can give away as a gift? Why not buy from there?
That way you are supporting local industries and you’re also helping to reduce the world’s carbon footprint. Some of these locally crafted gifts can even be customized or personalized to your liking.

  • Go Recycled and Hand Me Downs

Do you have a skateboard or any other item in the house that your friend or loved one has been dying to have? Do not let them wait””you can give that away and make their day more cheerful.
Think of it as a way to pass tradition along to the next generation. Another idea is to buy gifts that were made out of recycled materials. It only takes is a search on Etsy or Amazon.

  • Pick Battery Free Gifts

Do you know that 40% of battery sales happen during the holidays? This is according to the Environmental Protection Agency.
Now, here’s an interesting question. What happens to all those batteries after they have all been depleted?
Yep, they end up as toxic waste. A lot of that is produced after the holiday cheers have been made.
So, give our planet a break and buy gifts that do not requires batteries.

  • Reduce the Size of Your Lighting Displays

Do you give away decorative items as gifts? If you do then maybe you can get ones that are smaller. That way you are also reducing your carbon footprint as well.

  • Make any occasion about Nature

Not all presents are physical items that you give away. Some are vacations, weekend getaways, family trips, or even just getting in touch with nature.
You can have a family nature hike, do a bird count, tree planting, or even just go about decorating trees with functional   items that can benefit the birds or other animals.

Gift giving this year doesn’t have to   burden the environment. We can take the opportunity for any occasion to be kind to everyone””especially to planet earth. She’s the only one we have got.





Celebrating Happy Green Day Everyday

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