Oh!! Snowbirds I Love You So!

Oh!! Snowbirds I love you so!!! But I have a bone to pick with you.

We love that you come down for the winter, your help to our economy is greatly appreciated it. However, you using our roads as it is the first time behind the wheels… well that is a no-no.

See, even though we live in the desert, we can carry harms, and you can still see us riding horses in the street, it does not mean that we are cowboys. As a matter of fact, we know that we are not perfect drivers and that we may not know how to give you directions as you may like, but we do know all our cardinal points and are not afraid to use them. Do you know where North or South is? Not on a map, on the road. We do know how to turn and merge on the road.

So here are some rules of the road for you, my sweet snowbirds:

  1. The white short lines that divided two lanes on the road are not cones on the ice practice ring for hockey, but a road signal that you must stay within the boundaries of those two lines.
  2. Turning lights are mandatory and are not an option.
  3. No, you cannot take two parking spaces because you feel like it.
  4. Please, oh please, you do not work, we do, do us a favor and stay out of our roads during business hours, school drop off, and pick up.
  5. How is it that almost all of you come from states that have rain and snow and once down here you are incapable to drive with the two drops of rain that we get? We appreciate you are on vacation but Is your brain on vacation too?
  6. Entering the freeway at 40 mph does not cut it. Speed up a bit, promise it will not hurt your foot.

I do not think those are hard to follow, right? And to the person who almost hit me this morning because you did not follow the above, thank you. It feels good to vent.



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Oh! Snowbirds I Love you so!

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