9 Fun Ways To Welcome The New Year With Children

The year is coming to an end, and what better way to welcome 2020 than to bond with the whole family?   This New Year’s Eve while gathering around why not have some fun activities with the little one’s to start the year on a positive light. It is so fun and warm to see them beaming with excitement knowing that they will get to stay up late too.

Here are 9 fun ways to welcome the New Year with children:

#1: Dress-Up
Let your little girls raid grandma’s closet and find vintage dresses that will make them instant princesses. For the boys, get those neckties ready so they can play pretend to be working at the office. But for the ultimate fun, let the kids mix and match clothes that will get them excited throughout the night.

#2: Set Up a Photo Booth
To make the most out of their dress-up efforts, set up a makeshift photo booth for your children. Make wonderful backdrops from your local craft store and let your children show their artistic side. Now, you will have plenty of creative shots to remember this fun year. Streamers, hats and fun glasses are also so much fun to take pictures with.

#3: Create Holiday Crackers
Make the night even more festive with some noisemakers. Creating holiday crackers is a piece of cake. With some toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper, tissue, and other items you can find around the house, you can have your kids busy with this DIY New Year’s Eve project. Do not forget to include chocolates, jellybeans, and other treats inside.

#4: Slumber Party
Throw a pajama party with your kids in the living room. Pitch a tent using blankets to make the experience even more exciting. Or better yet, build an elaborate fort that the whole family can be proud of and snuggle under.

#5: Toast with Special Drinks
Let your kids join the cocktail toast this midnight. But instead of cocktails, create special mocktails using a ginger-ale punch or sparkling cider. Remember to give their special drink an important sounding name to add to the fun.

#6: Smash Pinatas
Decorating a countdown piñata with glitter, beads, and paint will keep your kids occupied. This boosts their excitement while waiting for the big night. The real fun begins when it’s time to bang the piñata open.

#7: Do the Balloon Drop
Bring NYC’s big ball drop at home with your version of balloon drop. Hang some balloons and release all of them at midnight. You may also fill it with confetti and have your kids pop them as they watch the actual ball drop on TV.

#8: Play Guess the Resolution
Ask each member to write down their resolutions on a slip of paper. Pull one slip of paper out of a bowl and read it aloud. Each member has to guess who made the resolution and write the answer on their paper. The member who guessed the most correct answers wins a prize.

#9: Make Time Capsules
After writing the resolutions, put them in a container. Do not forget to include the pictures from the photo booth. Also, write happy memories of the year in a piece of paper and put them in the container. Hide your “time capsule” until next year to relieve the resolutions and memories you made with your family.

Making memories while welcoming in the New Year is something that will be cherish a life time. Enjoy 9 fun ways to welcome the new year with your children.



9 fun ways to welcome the new year with children

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