My Little Furry Baby

My little furry baby is almost two. Love this sweet cute guy.   We are inseparable. I spend most of my days with him glued to the back of the seat of my office chair. I allowed him to sit there once there and now here I am, every day, asking to be granted permission to share HIS chair. The front end that is.

The holiday season has been good to him, with the constant “no Fergus” to him trying to steal a cookie, or maybe two. I actually caught him jumping to reach the table where all the cookies where placed. And once he figured out he could not, well the chair was just a hop, skip and a jump away. Luckily the mom instinct kicked in and he was not successful in his endeavor.

There is something beautiful about having a little furry baby. We learn how unconditional love is all about. We learn to share love, space, and kindness. Their little hearts are so full of love and the only thing they want is your hand scratching them. And if you ever own a Westie, you will learn that very soon. Small in stature but big in personality. This little guy has lots of it and some to spare.

But then how can we refuse those big beautiful eyes staring us with love and more love. Just love my little baby.




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