And that is a wrap!

And that is a wrap! The year is coming to a closure and a New Year is at the door. What the fantastic year 2019 has been! Truly a great year.

So many wonderful experiences that it is so hard to even know where to begin. So I will start with…

Giangi’s Kitchen has boomed. I set up midway through the year to do three recipes a week. Challenging I must say. The cooking part is fun and almost easy in comparison to all the other elements that encompass the going life, that is a bit of a challenge. But I did it.   The picture mise-en-place sometimes can take me up to 3 hours. Sometimes it takes 50 pictures shot for a great one. And yet sometimes five pictures and the perfect one is in the midst and I am done in 10 minutes. Thriving to take better pictures has been a strong part of this journey. One that I constantly learn about it.

And of course, writing about each recipe and comprehensively explaining each step as if it was your first time cooking, that is not small potatoes. However, with all that said, my base has grown, actually doubled so I am extremely happy. Cooking classes schedule is up for the upcoming months and I am all ready for it.

And then there is this little blog, here, that has a life of its own. Started as a way to say what was inside of me. At first, I thought I had not much to say, so you can imagine my shock when I wake up in the middle of the night and ideas are pouring out of me. What is even more wonderful is that people want to read what I write. I am truly humbled by it! With that said, I have 14 posts waiting for my final read thru and then posting.   A huge thank you to all of you that sign up for my emails and are following me. You make it fun.

Personally we had such a fun summer if you followed. Four weeks traveling through the United States and four weeks in Europe. Plus two weeks in Vietnam. I still have some of the fun adventures to share, so look for them and one entails cooking with a chef in Amsterdam. So much to see, and so little time. A teenager behind the wheels of the car. Meeting new peoples and growing new friendships. Nurturing old friendships that are dear to my heart.

All and all it was a great year and I look forward to the new year to come. I have nothing planned. As a matter of fact, I do not make “annual resolutions“. I came to the cold reality that those go out the window by mid-month January. I am the weekly goals person. Every Sunday I set my goals up and every Saturday night I am thrilled that everything is checked off. Living on the small scale versus the big one but it works for me and realistically I get everything and a lot more done.

Yes, some changes will happen but aren’t life a continuous change? I embrace what is to come with open arms as I am confident it will be even better than what it is now.

And that is a wrap for 2019, Welcome 2020. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me.



and that is a wrap

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  1. I enjoyed reading this, and I definitely understand having weekly goals versus resolutions. I try to do a goal for each month, but I also try to make them attainable so I don’t burn myself out.

    1. Absolutely, all goals should be obtainable. Raising the bar at baby steps but obtainable once done he satisfaction of having achieve it is rewarding in itself.
      Thank you Jenni for reading my post. Happy New Year!
      xoxo Giangi

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