Matterhorn ~ Zermatt, Switzerland

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Have you ever taken the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland? Living in California it was easy to jump in the car and get to it. With a young child it is almost mandatory that you go to the park. The Matterhorn ride sits right in the middle of the park.   For years I always wondered what the real mountain would look like. How impressive it must be.

So… here we are so close to the real thing that a detour was in order. I told you we are the adventurous family.

Driving up and thru the Alps between Italy and Switzerland was magnificent. Blue skies. Beautiful white cotton balls clouds. Fresh cool air. Peacefulness of the mountains was all around us.

After a long and windy road thru spectacular mountains we finally arrived in Zermatt.

The Matterhorn is a large near symmetrical pyramidal peak whose summit is 14,692′ making it the highest summit of the Alps and Europe. Each four faces nearly facing the four cardinal points. Three of them are on the Swiss side, and one of them, located on the south side, is on the Italian border.

Matterhorn ~ Zermatt

The Matterhorn’s faces are steep and only small patches of snow and ice cling to them. Therefore, making it easy for regular avalanched of snow to accumulate on the glacier at the base of each face.

Two long gondola rides from the Swiss town of Zermatt, takes you to the highest safest point of the Alps that overlooks the mountain.

Matterhorn ~ Zermatt

Impressive, overwhelming and absolutely breathtaking. One of the most sought after mountain to climb, and one of the most deadliest peaks in the world.

Matterhorn ~ Zermatt

Wind and weather conditions did not permit more than this photo to be taken of us. Can you see it hiding behind the clouds?

Playing hide and seek.

Matterhorn ~ Zermatt

Cross at the top of mountain facing the Matterhorn.

On one of the mountain peak you can see skiers enjoying the view and the challenge of the mountain.

The mountain village of Zermatt, the most quaint little town that sits below the iconic Matterhorn peak. One of the greatest skiing, winter and summer, and climbing centers of the world as well as the unofficial symbol of Switzerland.

Zermatt is car free and only electric modified golf carts can be used to transport tourists. Small streets, boutiques of all sorts for your shopping delight, hotels and restaurants and lively night life all around.

Barns and storehouses sit on flat stone slabs balanced on stilts to keep the mice out. The town hols at least 30 of them. They are nestled between homes. Love the flowers planters, don’t you?

Matterhorn ~ Zermatt

Do you remember the children story ” There was an old lady who live in a shoe”.   Doesn’t this boot remind you of that child nursery rhyme?

I was fascinated by those long pine cone, red bows and fresh apples wreaths that are hiding a door behind it.

Every where we looked flowers are hanging by flowers pots or window sills. Beautiful to see and so enjoyable.

Love the craftsmanship on this fire hydrant. Not your usual red or yellow.

Fountain right in front of city hall downtown Zermatt.

An unforgettable place and trip.   Hence, we are so thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to visit. So many more pictures to share and here are a couple more.

Matterhorn ~ Zermatt

One more bucket list place check off.


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