Reality Check!

Reality check! It is not every day that you get to look at yourself in the mirror and feel good about yourself. At a point in your life, you have looked in the mirror and frown at what you see. When you look in the mirror, there is no photo filter.    We see the rough edges, wrinkles and the dark spots. It’s just plain you with all the imperfections looking directly at you.

For most women, looking at their image is always accompanied by a heavy feeling of not being beautiful enough or good enough.

Added to this is the society’s response to women’s body image that range from hopeless to offensive. The expectation to be confident in ourselves is high. As well as always expected to look good and feel empowered.

According to a recent research in Psychology of Women, simply telling women that they are beautiful is no longer an efficient way to help them see themselves as they really are nor does it improve body image. The number of exercises introduced may be effective, but none of these taught women to feel confident about themselves and love the way they look. Therefore, researches offer various frameworks for going on about one’s body by showing consideration and gratitude towards one’s body amidst all the imperfections.

In the researches made, women are randomly assigned to compose letters to themselves. So they were given 10 minutes to write alone in front of a computer. There were uplifting letters that were noted and have somehow increased positivity in women.

The letters these women wrote were remarkable. One woman wrote something like, “Well, friend, you always listen to what the social media says, “Your body is flawed, undesirable, and wrong”. What you don’t know is that your body is amazing. It may be flawed, but it is amazing”.

The letters they had the women wrote made them feel good about themselves. It was like a re-assurance that no matter how you look today, it doesn’t really define your present and your future. And that you can still do something about it without the pressure from social media and the society.

These letters became an eye opener that instead of focusing on your body’s flaws, why not see it as what it does. Think about your body that heals, that helps you fight off diseases, and allows you to perform many tasks.

Instead of focusing on the perceived flaws, show gratitude to your body. A simple: “ Thank you, eyes for letting me see the beauty around me. Thank you ears for the gift of hearing beautiful music and sounds. Thank you, hands for letting me do different tasks no matter the volume.

Keeping in mind and letting gratitude flow over your whole being, you will never see your body as flawed again.

Reality check! We are not objects.   It is uplifting and empowering to know that we should look at it the other way around – healthy, beautiful, and appreciated.

Reality check!

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