My Daily Mantra…

My daily mantra…

Stay Focused, Determined , Grounded and Consistent.

I wrote this mantra for me years ago in my weekly calendar. For years it has been ever so present on my daily routine.

This quote is my daily reminder of how I need to lead my day.   Each morning I sit at my desk and go thru my list of items, goals and accomplishments that needs to get done by day end. Sometimes successful, sometimes not.

The discipline of working from home is a hard one to master. One easily bent. Distractions are everywhere. Discipline   must be present on a daily basis.

Each day I read to myself my daily mantra: Stay focused, determined, grounded and consistent.

I every so often catch myself steering away from it, and as I am scolding a child, I scold myself to get back to the task on hand.

However, the up side of this mantra has kept me going. Helped me create a space that I enjoy being in. Comfort on seeing the results.

What is your daily mantra?





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