Family or Friends

Family or friends. Throughout my life, I have heard that when a person dies he/she is considerate fortunate if they have five friends that are close to them.

I am that person. I have in my life peoples that have been with me thru thick and thin. The true friend that we do not have to talk every day, and for that matter not even live in the same state, and yet, with a phone call our life intertwines again as it was yesterday. Mine are close and far and scattered at the four corners of the world.

School, work, parents, friends of friends.. those wonderful peoples that if anything happens to you, me, us, are there for you at the speed of light to help you or your loved one.

This Thanksgiving my dear to my heart, sweet and long time friend Kay came to visit with her son. We have been in each other’s life for 32 plus years. Marriages, children’s, grandchild,   eleven moves, five states later, here we are spending a fantastic day with more wonderful friends.

Like twin sisters, we do not have to talk to know what is going on on each other’s heart and life. What was even more heartwarming is that our boys, who have not seeing each other in a while, have bonded and became friends.

The week was wonderful but short. Thanksgiving day was even shorter and thankfully to Caren, we have this great clip of a fun day filled with love, laughter and lots of food.

As I look around the kitchen were everyone has congregated, I do not see friends, but family. Those are the peoples that have become my family with the years passing. The people that know me. The secret keepers.

I am truly blessed.




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