Love to Travel with Our Westie. Love the Westietude

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Love to travel with our Westie. If you have a Westie, you completely understand me when I say they are the BEST!

Yes! They are the best to stay on their seat quietly. The best to let you know that they need to eat, drink and go potty. Not to mention the best to stop on their term and come to you when they are done with whatever they are doing that is more important at that moment than to respond to your command. Life with a westie is wonderful if you do not mind having a never-growing toddler.

However, all their little propensities that can make you crazy are compensated by all the unconditional love they give you.

Fergus: The traveler

This year at the last minute, we decided to take our Fergus with us traveling. Nervous was an understatement. We love our dog, but this is 24/7 in the same space and a small one to boot.

First thing first, we got him a car seat””the best purchase ever. Snoozer is a must if you travel with your fur baby.

Love to Travel with Our Westie. Love the Westietude

Then comes the food, the insulated bottle for the water, and the collar with your pet’s name and phone number. Strange how that may sound, my dog did not have a collar; he chews it out. Treats and a towel for when they get themself into a small predicament, and you must wash them.

Bag all ready as well as his crate; most hotels do accept dogs. However, they will require that they will be in their crate if you leave the room.

To the adventure we go.

Open road

The first half of the day of driving, he was a bit jittery. He was not sure where he was going and what was happening. Going to the vet or the groomer was not in the cards. I am going to my best friends, Freeda and Pepito’s house, to stay with them? No, too far as well. He finally settled down and enjoyed the ride.

We are fortunate to have a backyard where we let Fergus out, and when it is not 110F, we take him for walks. You should see the happiness of our little guy being taken for walks.

He knows how far he can push the envelope and has a great flair for adventure. Every light post, tree, and whatever else he may found on his path, he must leave his mark.

However, the little guy can hold it between the gas filling and looks forward to his walk, snack, and coming to the store with me. But most of all, he loves the love and attention he gets from everyone at each stop.

Back in the car, comfy on his seat, looking out the window, happy as he can be. He is so quiet that we are concerned about disturbing him. After four days in the car, he was a seasoned traveler.

Finally arrived at our destination

Finally, we reached our first destination and can be settled here for a few days. Fergus got the lay of the land. And with no hesitation, he pulls us towards the door of the walk to forever land.

He is a city dog. Loves the city walks, the peoples, the stores, everything that surrounds him is a new adventure. An adventure that he takes with stride and happiness. He is out with us, walking around, being loved.

As for the westietude, well, it’s full-on. Walking proudly everywhere we go. Head high. Tail even higher. That walk of confidence that you are wondering where was all this time. Herewith his ears open to any “What a cute dog/westie,” and with no hesitation what so ever he pulls towards to voice and expects a scratch and some praise.

Love to travel with our Westie

He knows when he pushed too much when I pick him up; Of course, he will not look at me as he knows that he is in trouble but looks compliant and a bit defiant while accepting his faith that he cannot pull on the leash every time he wishes it and go his way.

Well, this is the version that I believe he thinks, but we all know that as soon his paws hit the ground he will do as he wishes again.

Boston, MA

Our first stop is Boston, and we are thrilled about how open the city is for animals. Coffee shops are the best as they let him in with us, and he loves the cuddle attention he is getting.

However, it comes a time that he needs to go into his crate as he cannot come for dinner with us. That got him a bit miffed and chasing a small dog with short legs, and you will never think it was a challenge for us adults. But the truth is, he can squeeze and hide in small corners.

After chasing him around for a few minutes, he decided that the closet behind the luggage and next to the ironing board was his place to hide.

Human perseverance won, and in his crate, he went. He did not fight us too much thereafter as he knows that he will not win. However, once back to the room, he beelined for the door and demanded a long walk.

The adventure begins

As the adventure is underway, we look forward to having him with us all day. We even got a dog backpack carrier to put him in to be with us, and his little legs and paws will not hurt him too much. We can walk for miles, but him after three miles is a bit tired.

Love to travel with our Westie

He got his first walk in the rain this morning, ok drizzle, and he was not happy or unhappy, but definitely looked forward to the towel drying.

I could not tell if he was happy or not when I put his coat on, but I can tell you for sure that he was not going to sit on the cold cobblestones while we were having dinner.

What next? I love to take him to the beach and see him chase the waves but, of course, always on his leash. As any westie owner and books will tell you, you never let them off the leash, or you will be running for days to chase them.

Yes, we made the right decision to take him with us, at least for the time being.

I cannot wait to share more of Fergus’s adventures as time goes on.



Love to Travel with Our Westie. Love the Westietude

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  1. Thank you for sharing your travel story about your Fergus! He sounds delightful. We have a Westie named Fergus, too!! (He has his own Facebook page – The Fergus Files – and would love comment about another Fergus!!) Enjoy your travels!

    1. Thank you and you are most welcome! Our little Fergus is a gem, but then I am impartial to him as he is my baby 😊
      I am headed over to your FB page.
      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Thank you, Mom, for taking such good care of me. Your hugs and kisses and warm words bring me so much happiness I can’t keep my tail from constantly wagging. I love you —–Fergus!

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