10 Tips For Eating Healthy While On Vacation

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10 Tips for Eating Healthy While on Vacation

Summer is just around the corner, and people are looking forward to a long overdue vacation. If you happen to be among them, then one thing that surely is not on your to-do list or agenda is “eat unhealthy.” Unfortunately, this is often what happens.

You are supposed to have fun and get away from the stress and strain of everyday life! But you do not want to get sick while traveling, or face a harsh reality when you come home and get on the scale or look in the mirror. You want to bring back mementoes and great memories “” not extra pounds and inches!

To help you achieve that goal, here are 10 Tips for Eating Healthy while on vacation (note these tips include traveling to your destination/destinations as well, and not just what to do once you get there):

1. Do not skip breakfast. I cannot emphasize this enough. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Plus, most hotels offer a great array of food.

2. Venture off the “tourist trap path” and head to local restaurants that are favored by the locals. In my experience, these gems always offer healthier and tastier food, and you do not have to worry about busting your budget.

3. Make it a point to eat fresh vegetables every day, and with every meal. If finding fresh vegetables is a challenge (like if you are spending hours in airports and train stations), then eating salad twice a day is a great alternative. French fries are made of potatoes, however, they do not count as a vegetable!

4. Stay away from sandwiches and fried food, which contain too much fat and calories. Even if you do a lot of walking around, it is not going to burn off easily.

5. While it is OK to occasionally over-indulge, make this the exception and not the norm. This can be hard to do, because you may love the local food. But remember: there is always another meal coming.

6. Drink lots of water. Pay close attention to hydrate when you travel to high humidity places. This is a big mistake, and could lead to headaches, exhaustion, muscle pains, digestion problems, and the list goes on.

7. One of the best places to find healthy snacks, vegetables and fruits is by heading to a local market and/or farmer’s market.

8. Although you might spend a lot of your day rushing around to see the sights, when it comes to meals, make sure that you relax and indulge in a long-relaxed meal with family and friends. You are on vacation, after all!

9. If eat late or overeat (or both!), go for a walk before getting ready for bed. Your hotel probably has a fitness center with treadmills, use it. If not, then you can simply take a stroll through the hotel (kind of like being a hotel walker instead of a mall walker!).

10. Carry around your own healthy snacks, like protein bars and trail mix. In addition to ensuring that you have the energy you need, a small snack at the right time will keep your hunger in check, and prevent you from over-indulging on junk food.

I hope that these 10 Tips for Eating Healthy, stay happy and energized during your vacation will be of help to you.

Please share them with your family and friends, too!



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