There is Still Time…

There is still time.   Here I am almost to the end of February, and long are gone the ideas to make changes this new year. Isn’t that a shock? I know I am not alone on this one, so I feel a bit of reprieve and relief.

Even though I do not make resolutions lists at all on what I should do, want, and must happen in my life, I do, however, have an urgency to improve on what and how I do things and hopefully see better results in all areas of my life.

I still have some unfinished bucket list items from last year, and here I am, adding more to the list. My list is pretty long, so no surprise there. I do feel a bit overwhelmed by all of it and having a few “squirrel moments” trying to keep everything at bay and under control.   However, time is still on my side, and with a little bit of commitment from me, it all can happen.

I do not have to dig deep to see what areas of my life must change””personal and work, and more personal. Those can only happen if:

I am conscious of the things that need changing.
Inspired enough to change.
Commit to change and do it.

So how do I make all that happen in my life?

1. Make health a top priority

Easier said than done but must be done. I do eat healthily every day for my main meals.   However, as humans, sometimes little things that should not ever enter my body are ever so present and are enjoyed. Making it a goal through this year to choose a healthier approach to my snacking. I have a mighty sweet tooth, and it wins a lot more than I do.   Cutting on sugar is a hard one for me but must do. The older we get, the harder it is for our bodies to process all that sugar, and since I want to eliminate the fabulous 50ish tire around my waist, that is an imperative must do.   Because I do what I love, cook, eat, write, I must be consistent with moving around too. Walking and Pilates are on my calendar. Though the transition is challenging, all the hard work and perseverance will eventually pay off. It has already started.

2. Implementing a better workflow

I am pretty good at jotting everything down first thing in the morning that most happens that day. Tracking my time and workflow is a different story.   It amazes me how many distractions are coming at me all day long. Somehow that email needs to be answered now or that personal phone call that cannot wait. All those interferences are hindering my workflow. In a nutshell, I must turn off all notifications if I want to get it all done. I need to be prioritizing the process more. Keeping it easy and straightforward, breaking down into separate steps, and not losing focus of the outcome.

3. Declutter my life of stuff

The decluttering process is ongoing, and the deep decluttering is on his way.   A long time ago, I saw a sign that said: “A clean and uncluttered desk is a sign of a sick mind.” I must have a sick mind as I cannot work in a messy place. Before I start to cook I clean the kitchen. I organize my office before I sit down at my desk. All the dog toys are put away as they bother my visual space. Even with all that, I still need to declutter.   Just gave away six large garden bags of stuff, you know how huge those are, and I feel lifted and lighter. It has helped me breathe more and think clearly. There is still so much to eliminate.

Do you think I can do this? and why I am telling you all this?   Yes, I can do it and by putting it out there in the digital world, I have no choice but to make it happen now. A self-reliant reminder.



There Is Still Time


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