“Karma, no need for revenge. Just sit back and wait.   Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves and if you are lucky you will get to watch it unfold.”

My personal version of one of my favorite quotes. I have seen so many variants of it floating around the net and each time I smirk. Yes, it is true, karma has a way to coming back to you.

I have seen it firsthand what karma can bring to a person, and sometimes it is not pretty. Wishing bad upon others just to get the same wish back upon themselves.

I look at karma as I would a flower. All pretty and full of life. Standing proud in a gorgeous vase with water feeding it. But with time the stem, the core starts to rot. The water that was giving it life start to feed the unhealthy. The unhealthy takes over.   It dies from the inside out. The bouquet that once was standing tall and full of grace now is gone, each petal dry out and falling down.

That, to me, resembles karma. When you do ill-intended toward another person, you, the doer will soon or later die slowly from the inside out. The hate that got you there to the point of wishing or acting badly toward someone else, that hate will take the life out of you. Not today, nor tomorrow but soon.





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