Strengths and Weakness: Which One Do We Have?

Strengths and weakness: which one do we have? Let’s start with the weaknesses.

We, as women, are our worst critics. Very hard on ourselves about everything we do. We constantly put ourselves down. But it does not stop there. We do the same to other females as well.

We judge others even when we hardly know that person. Feeling threatened even though we have no reason to do it. Our weaknesses, our insecurities, are dictating our next move. Our confidence feels shattered.

There are ways to use our strengths to increase our confidence, and we must start listening to our inner self, as well as, putting these practices into place for the best life we can live. 

The first thing we should do is direct our attention to and control our mindset.

Working on our mindset can be a challenge. But a challenge that has instant gratifications once we become aware. We must change our mindset by having a more positive and inspiring outlook in everything we do.

Mindset is everything, especially nowadays with so much pollution; when I say pollution, I mean all the negative chatter around us. All the subliminal messages that are constantly spoken and that we absorb on. We take them in like a sponge with water.

What do you think will happen if you insist that you are the worst at something and you never exercise a different ability? Your mindset will keep you stuck in a loop of negative thoughts. 

Those same negative thoughts will bring more negative thoughts as well as negativity to every area of your life. A never-ending cycle.

Imagine how powerful a positive mindset will impact your life once you replace the worst with the best?

Founding our strengths

If you have trouble finding your strengths think about the constructive criticism you have received throughout your life. Remember how empowered you felt, how confident that whatever you were doing was worthy. With constructive criticism comes a sense of being proud. You deserve to be proud of yourself while building your confidence. 

Positive thoughts and a positive attitude towards every aspect of your life, bring on more positivity, more creativity, more happiness.

Be inspirational, not just to yourself but to others as well.

When you see another female doing great – tell her! Why hesitate? Think of how it makes you feel when someone appreciates what you do. Give her that compliment freely and honestly. Do not hold back.

This comes back to constructive criticism. The more we exchange inspiration, the more our confidence will be prosperous.

However, I do understand that it is not that easy. There are ways to further help ourselves to be inspired, such as finding quotes, repeat mantras, or leave little post-it notes everywhere with little bits of inspiration sprinkled around.

Go further to create your own journal of what inspires your every day.

I personally love to live a life of gratitude.

Seeing the positive in each little things that is or has happened during the day.

Every morning I say out loud what I am grateful and thankful for, and right the way it places me in a very positive mindset that “today” is going to be a fantastic day. Looking forward to each wonderful moment as a great inspiration to have more of those moments in my day.

Leaving doubt, hesitation and leaving behind what ever else may be my stumbling block, thus I become open to new positive possibilities. You can start seeing a shift around you that is powerful.

We, as females, are our own worst enemies.

We rationalize and over analyze everything. Not to mention talking everything at heart. Therefore, every emotion is directed and analyzed from our heart instead of a full-on embrace between mind, heart, and soul.

Every day, we come up with another reason not to like something about ourselves. We talk ourselves into these hypothetical situations with all of these adverse outcomes, sometimes on a daily basis.

The key is to identify your dominant talents. A growing mindset strengthens your confidence. We need to have that at the forefront of our day.

Each day we subject ourselves to the scrutiny or others and what they will say about our actions.

Live the life you want and do not let the outside world dictate to you how you should be, act, or behave. Remember, only you know what is deep in your core and what you really want.

You can increase your confidence by strengthening your core values.

Find your core values by knowing yourself. Analyze your success as well as your failures. You can sit with your thoughts for a bit and dig deep.

Deep enough to find your core values. How you want to have and live your life. This might not be an easy task for some of us, but we need to be open to see what comes from deep within. 

As women, we have the maternal instinct and we feel like we should be the ones to take care of everyone. What about ourselves? We forget about self-care to try to keep everyone else happy. You need to take a few minutes or days to yourself; it will help us relax and not to mention it will be good for our mental health.

From now on, you should learn to say no; you’ll feel so much better. Try it, you will love it.

The goal is to take care of yourself, stop letting other people stomp around all over you. Your confidence is entirely up to you, and you can take back your power. Once you’ve learned your core values, you will understand so much more about yourself.

That knowledge is the best part of yourself. It is what enhances you. What brings you the confidence to tackle every day with a smile and the knowledge that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Let’s live the life that we want to the fullest and concentrate on fortifying our strengths.

We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Let’s concentrate on our strengths for us to shine. 



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  1. Very insightful! I agree that we are tough critics of ourselves. I feel like often my expectations of myself are higher than I put on others and not ones that I could even reasonably achieve, looking back on some of the projects. Your words here are calming and uplifting, all at the same time ♥

    1. Thank you Christy for your kind compliment. It is so true, we are so hard on ourselves and we expect so much more than we expect from others.
      Thank you for reading my blog.

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