The risks of having an affair are huge

The risks of having an affair are huge. The risks of your mistress spelling the bean is even worse. Why this blog post you may wonder? Lately it seems that every channels has the story of Pablo Escobar. Netflix did a fantastic job in a documentary format, and HBO just had a film. I do not have to go to length to explain who he was.   A killer, a thug and one of the most ruthless drug pin.

From my writing, you know by now how much I hate cheaters. But this one beats the cake and was his biggest downfall. Nothing worse than a vindictive, scorned mistress that was set aside.

Here is Victoria, the mistress, full of love for the money and the excitement to be called the mistress of the biggest drug king. The money, travel, spending, luxury was all in the eye glitter. Mind you, Escobar was married with children’s.
The mistress that is blinded by the lifestyle that her lover and his wife had created and sacrificed for. The money, travel, status all appealing factors. Her life falls apart and she decided to destroy the wife and children of her lover. Why? Pure hate. After all, she was discarded.

Let’s bring it to our normal life, shall we. Have you ever seen a couple’s life going down the tube due to the mistress? Then you can relate this post.

What amazes me is the stupidity of the whole thing.   A man that is lured by sex and the excitement to be with someone new, young and maybe exciting.   I have seen it time and time again so many women lure men in their cove using sex to get to a man wallet. Yes, my dears, your wallet is what is of interest to them as well as your social standing.

Why having an affair with the pool boy when you can have it with the CEO of a company? Caught with the ladder you are a genius.

Let’s take the mistress and dissect her. Selfish. Self-centered. Low self-esteem. Here is this woman with no love for herself. If she did she will never stoop that low to steal another woman’s man. An alone woman that is incapable of truly loving others with her heart. Someone that has nothing to offer besides sex and will use it to get what she want. A person that is jealous of others, a liar and a thief. Yes, a thief. A normal person will look for love that is not attached and is free to commit and share life with you.

A person that has nothing to offer thus loving being the mistress, because after all she does not have to fall pray of the mundane and actually be the wife, the family nucleus, the loving wife and mother. She is none of that.

What is at risk with an affair? The destruction of the family nucleus. No matter what you do, that is destroyed. If you are caught, well that goes without saying. But if you are not, the guilt will consume you and will end up hating this person that the only things she offers is nothing. So why risk it all?

What I found more despicable is the retaliation of when the affair is over. Why do they feel compel to be even more nasty and to destroy the person that just ended the affair? Why take it out on the innocent spouse that you so graciously did not mind ruining their life?

I was told long ago that no couple formed from an affair will ever last and it has been proven to be true in so many instances. Maybe because the base of the relationship was secretive and based on sex. Or, maybe because you cannot enter one relationship just after ending another, and be free of the years of baggage that comes with it. Even more, you are entering a not so new relationship under the false pretenses that it will be all love and flowers, when in reality, it has no foundations, no basis, no concrete love. And yes, you can trick yourself to believe that this new person is so grandiose. But let’s face it, you only saw the side that they wanted you to see. The loving part time lover that did not have any of the family life responsibilities.

When children are in the midst it get messier. Is that the example you want your son or daughter to see? The risks of losing the love, understanding and respect of your children should give you room to pause. Unfortunately if you have children’s do not go blaming your ex for your indiscretions and loss of family as most men do. Do not expect to have your new found love be accepted and appreciate it. Be prepare to pay the consequences that your actions have caused. Remember a girl will not trust men. A boy will hate you because you made their mother cry.

But then… if you care would you have done it?






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