Really!! Please let me vent.

Really!! Please let me vent. We are under harsh circumstances, yes we are, but how we react is how it will shape us and help us overcome and move forward.

Due to what I do, I am always on social media. I love it, do not take me wrong, but I am having a tough time with all the subliminal messages creeping in amongst conversations. The subliminal messages that we are in severe trauma. That we are in pain, our children are subject to tremendous stress, and this trauma will shape their life in such a matter that they will need years before they can recover.

The worse are the parents.

They continuously are telling their children how the child feels: stressed out and under so much pressure. Yet, the same parents will not stop complaining about how much their children stress them out because they are home all the time. Talk about a mind fu*k of the first degree. Not to mention that they are your children, and what is all this bull shit about you cannot handle them? Why didn’t you think of this before getting pregnant? A child is not a toy that you pass along. But it is the good, the bad and the ugly, the whole package, and it is yours and no one else. Embrace it instead of complaining about it.

Please understand that I am talking about your average child here, not the child with special needs or unique learning challenges.

Our teachers understand that I have the utmost respect, and I will always take the teacher’s side. However, they are constantly bombarding our kids about how stressful this situation is and sharing their feeling of stress, and they must speak to someone because they are so stressed…

Really! I am stressed just writing about it!

As anyone ever heard the words: GET OVER IT!! Are we crippling our children? Are we so frail that we cannot turn this into an excellent opportunity for growth?

I am seeing a lot of kids that are at home in their pj’s doing their homework. I see lots of rules go out the window to cocoon these children to be the victims here.

So you whine because you are home? Get over it; the rest of the world is too, and lots of them with a lot fewer luxuries than you have.

So please explain where the overwhelming stress is? You are home safe, with food, with all the electronics gadgets invented. Your classroom has become your bedroom, and no one cares if you are wearing your pj’s. Your parents let all the rules go out the window. Really!

So let me put it in perspective for you:

While you are bitching and moaning about your life, think of the 17 – 18 years old kid in the ’60 that had to report to the military base just after graduation and was shipped to Vietnam within weeks to the cruelty of the Vietnam war. Think about that and then complain about your shallow little comfy life in bed with all the technology available to you to connect with your friends.

Let’s take advantage of this temporary lifestyle to grow a more prosperous and deeper bond with our loved ones.

Play a game, have the kids cook dinner and you, the parent, eat every bite for support.  As a parent, I dread the idea of my son going to college in a year. We have embraced this time to do things that we each like. I made it, and you can do it too a kid day.

Have them be in charge of the dinner, movie night, fun activities, make plans for a vacation, get their input and earnestly listen to them. If you are planning a vacation, have them map out the fun activities they would like to enjoy doing. Give them ownership of that part of the vacation. By doing so, not only will they participate, you will spend time with them, and all of you can enjoy a great time sharing what/where/why they are so excited about visiting the fun destination. Really a fantastic experience.

Make it fun, light and mainly make them feel part of the family synergy and not only of their bedroom and desk.



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  1. Oh I love and good rant and I’m totally on your wavelength. People who moan about how kids have never been put through anything like this before are my bug bear. Errr my great aunt survived the 1919 pandemic when there was no vaccine hope, had diphtheria and had to learn how to walk again. My grandma and her sisters came through the second world war – how is this situation worse than that? Daily fear of bombing or knowledge that so long as we stay home and wear a mask we’ll most likely be safe and protect others. I know which I’d prefer.

    1. Thank you for your comment, it hits home with me as during WWII my mother had a SS point a gun at her head when she was only 4 and had to eat her breakfast like that. My grandfather was blindfolded and left in a cave with barking dogs for days by the SS not knowing if he ever saw his wife, children, and family. I know I should feel empathy and I do for the poor families that are financially struggling or the home situation that is not the best. But for the little kid that has all the gadgets and cannot go out to the mall with friends and complains, no sorry, not my cup of tea.

      1. Yeah me too! Some of my best friends are seriously concerned by their kids mental health being our of school because it feels so un-normal to them. I missed a lot of school as a teenager due to illness and I coped – and we didn’t have zoom/whatsapp/whatever to stay in touch and I was the only one. None of them are going to be massively behind because they are all suffering the same loss of school contact. Absolutely it’s harder for some than others but in the grand scheme of things, they have food, water, heat and teachers who care and are trying their best to keep the interaction happening. Its only for a few months, hopefully, we can cope and the best way to help our kids cope is to show them that we can and will. We need to demonstrate to them a positive attitude and determination to make this work, not roll over stressed on day 3.
        Not that I’m immune to the difficulties we face, sure I’ve cried and ranted and been honest with my kids that it’s hard. We skipped bits because its been too much, but in the end we’re all just pushing through because we have to.

      2. Yes, we all have to. So it is up to us to make the best of it and enjoy the family nucleus as much as we can. We demonstrate strength and they will follow in our footsteps.

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