Don’t Just Teach

Asking questions is so important. Analytical thinking is the key to solving problems. But if we do not teach our children to ask questions and to question everything and anything, how can they learn. In the answer lay our foundation of our opinions, thoughts, actions.

Free them from the fear.   Let them be free to ask. We are exposed to so much information and so much information is modified and altered to please an agenda, may it be political, educational, social-economic.   Teach them to seek the truth. How can we know the truth if we do not see, search, hear, read all the facets of the matter. It is by questioning that you can make a well formed opinion.

With the exponential growth of the web, our children are now used to seek answers by entering a short sentence on the search engine toolbar. Unfortunately that only gives them the short version of the answer. Looking manually into a dictionary, newspapers, books, you will see more than one answer, which will lead to more questions. We, as parents, need to push them out of the comfort of the first and only answer, but question that answer and look for what ever else there is out there on the matter at hand. Teach them to question the source and their integrity.

Don't Just Teach


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