Here I am in isolation for ten days

Here I am in isolation for ten days. I do not see this as a punishment but as a good vacation from my life. The silver lining if you wish. I do like to see the positive in the next 10 days. Before we go any further, I am fine. Last year influenza was a hundred times worse than this and it took eight weeks before I was back to normal again. I am up and at it, in my bedroom that is.

So how do I keep myself busy for the next ten days?

I am not known for my bed staying abilities, even less spending time isolate it. Kind of funny seeing that I work from home I am used to being by myself. The small difference is that everyone is free to roam around the house and I am not. The ever quintessential questions are popping in: What are they doing in my kitchen? Is the dog taken care of? Life little trivial questions but one must ask, right?

I do not want to spend all day watching television of course. Although I do not watch television much I look forward to catching up on all the latest streaming shows. Scary as this may sound, but once you start watching one show, the next comes on so effortlessly that you do not even realize that you have laid down watching 5 straights hours of television. Scary!! and it will stop now.

I have a very disciplined life and this, my isolation, will have to be the same. Ok!! I will try my best but I cannot guarantee that it will be pretty as I am already going down the rabbit hole of life sweet elixir of doing nothing.

So what does my day looks like?

This reminds me a bit of the movie “About a Boy” when Hugh Grant explains how his day is cut up on segments. Well, my life at the moment is a bit the same.

Working on my blogs. I cannot get out of my room, thus cannot cook and that is a bit of an issue for me. Let me rephrase that, I can cook, but not recommended for the rest of my crew. However, I have some blog posts that can be written, round up posts more specifically, or re-writing old content to make it more, shall we say, readable. Let’s face it, I am aware I could improve on my writing.

Magazines. I have not read a magazine in a long time and reading from cover to cover it is a pleasure that I do not know. Today I just did that, read Vogue from cover to cover. What a feeling that was! Love it! Town & Country next.

Finishing up one of my many unfinished books. What can I say, I get wrapped into a book and then another and then another. You see the picture. To this day I need to finish reading: “Big Little Lies” and “Casanova”. They could not be the more polar opposite, however great reads.

Lunches and dinner. Yes, I am lucky to have my lunch brought to me. More like my wish is my command and lunch is brought to me. Not bad right? I can get used to. I am spoiled in that regard.

Nap. I found myself gravitating towards the bed for a quick nap here and there. More of a power nap.

The above may not sound much but by the time eight o’clock roll around I am sound asleep and gone for the night.

What’s next?

Lots of time on my hand. Like a broken record, I will repeat the same day until I am free to walk about. Besides the basics of hygiene, bed making, and catching with my emails, my days are pretty much all the same.

Daydreaming of our next vacation is ever so present.

Although I feel fine, my body is tired and it lets me know who is in charge. And in the spectrum of things, I am blessed and beyond grateful to be home with my loved one.



here i am in isolation for ten days

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