Life Is…

Life is not just about what you have earned or achieved during your existence. It is way more than what money can buy, more than what people can hope and dream. It is more significant than what humans can build or create. It’s about how fulfilled you have felt. It is not just about the riches you have gained but also the dreams you have achieved.

Life is shorter than you can ever imagine. There are things that you can no longer change; situations you can no longer go back to change. Make the most of your life and what you have right now because you cannot ensure that you would still have it tomorrow. Love your life. Appreciate what you have because other people may have less than what you do.

Life is a gift you should share with other people. Spread positivity and share happiness with people who have fewer things to be happy about and more worries in their lives.
Life is about how happy you have become. Happiness does not necessarily have to be grand or expensive. Some people find happiness in a cup of coffee or a cone of ice cream. Satisfaction is when you feel contented and fulfilled with what you have.

Life is about how you have impacted others. Have you made other people feel special? Did you spend time listening to what they have to say? Have you thought about how they feel about you?

Life is about what will people say when they hear your name? What will they say about your experience? What have you done to help those in need? You should always consider other people and do not just focus on what you want. You must touch other people’s lives because that is one way you can tell how meaningful and successful your life is. It is how people would remember you when you are gone.

They say you only live once; hence you must fill your life with grace, happiness, and love. Do not be afraid to fulfill your dreams and plans. Just ensure that you have the right goals and intentions.

Live a life that you will not regret when you are older. Choose the right path and always try to be the bigger person. The smallest mistakes can significantly impact your future, so ensure that you do the right thing even when the wrong acts seem more comfortable. Do what makes you happy, but ensure that you do not hurt anybody in the process.

Life is about how much effort you have exerted in making your family feel special. What matters is if you have shown them how much you care about them. You can have a sense of fulfillment in life when you know you have given your family everything they deserve. Your life will be complete if you know you have given them everything they need.



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