The Truth Always Hurt

The truth always hurt. The truth that we lie to ourselves is even worse.

The person that you trust again is back to their old tricks. The funny part is that they do not understand that after so many years, so many lies you can read them like a book. The hunched shoulder. The poor me attitude. The way that they want to say something but they cannot. They make and change plans with you because of the guilt they have but no intention to keep them. The way they ask for your opinion while the decision is already made and make you feel as you are dirt about your answer. Talk about deja vu!!!

And like an idiot, you fell for it, again and again. However each time you walk farther and farther away. A piece of you dies with each lie and deceit. From the outside looking in, you are so detached.

And then one more, and this latest one takes the cake. The last draw comes when what you suspected, and it was denied, it is actually a reality. That is the final blow.   Unfortunately, they think they can pull this off over and over. They have killed the last shred of you.

Your heart is turned into stone. You are numb. It is time to remove the toxic from your life. They have no love, no feeling toward you or they will not bring the past that has destroyed you in front of you so coldly and calculating. They are cold and heartless. There is no longer room for them in your life.

Like the thorns on a cactus, they hurt each time you get close.

The Truth Always Hurt




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