Were do I start…. I like to say that sometime I feel that I am a one woman circus.   I am passionate about so many things that it is hard to keep them all inside, bungled up.

Hi, I am Giangi Townsend and I am so happy you are here today. I look forward to sharing this wonderfully crazy journey with you.

For some of you who do not know me, here is a short back ground about me.

Born and raised in Paris, I was very fortunate to have spend my most formative years in Paris.  Not a bad place if you ask me. By having a French dad and an Italian mother, my life was split in two. Winters in Paris, summers in Italy. Exciting you may say. well not so much as I was working all summer and no time to have fun or travel.

In my early 20’s I moved to the US and I never looked back. What a wonderful journey it has been! What a great experience which I am grateful to be having. My life path has been filled with fantastic peoples. Some have made a huge imprint in my life. Some were just temporary and yet they still brought something to me, to my life journey. Everyone of my close friends, that after so many years have become family, are the fun, loving, great listeners, great sisters, great brothers that I wish every one could have in their life.

I am not new to the blogging world. My passion for food lead me to create, eight years ago, Giangi’s Kitchen. A cooking blog for easy cooking. Started as a fun project and now  is a successful  worldwide food blog.

One of my many crazy life kirks is that I enjoy coupons. I see it as free money, so why not take advantage of it, thus Introducing coupons to Giangi’s Kitchen. It took off.  Another website was born: GKCoupons.com . I must admit  bit more than I can chew, however loving every minute of it. Lots of great vendors, great deals.

So, why another blog? Giangi Townsend has been long brewing idea of mine. Besides cooking and couponing, I do have so many other interests in my life. I love to take pictures. Being behind the camera is a lot easier for me than being in front of it.  I see beauty in the small things that surround me. To be honest here, I fought getting up to the digital world for a bit, until this great camera was given to me as a present. I took pictures before, but now…  it never leaves my side.

To be able to travel with my camera, lenses and computer, I decided to purchase one of “all in one backpacks”. Great idea at the moment, however the backpack is bigger than me. And yes all the lenses and computer and what ever else I can think of is with me, I just have to pay attention to lean forward or backward I go.

Travel is another passion of mine and I have had the opportunity to travel the world. At least, all around the Northern hemisphere. New cultures, food, traditions fascinate me. We are all have a common bond: being a child, parent, food lover, a friend and yet we all see life so differently.  There is so much still to see of the world and I cannot wait to see it all.

Beauty and fashion have been always there in my heart. Love shoes and purses. In one of my trip to Paris with a dear friend, she figure it out why I love shoes and purses to much. Every small store front in Paris, had the whole ensemble accessorized with shoes and purses. I guess seeing that since an early age it becomes your life. Same with skincare and make up. Started with skincare at an early age thanks to my grandmother, and make up that is there but you do not see. The French way.  I still do love them both and always look at the latest trend, latest color pallet, latest new and upcoming line.

Being a mother of a teenager has brought so much love to my life. I love that i get to see life develop in front of me thru his eyes, his experiences. A true gift.

There is so much more, but let’s roll the carpet to it as we go along. This is my journey, my past, my present, my life story that I want to leave for my son. This is the small mark that I was here….