Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

We all are touched by a mother’s love, may it be our own mother, grand mother, step mother, aunt, nanny or an older friend. There are so many wonderful women that I have had the outmost pleasure to cross path with, that have given so much love to a child that was not theirs. Love is deeper than anything that could be imagined.

I was very fortunate to have had great women around me. My grand mother, was and still is, my role model even though she has left us long ago. The true matriarch of the family. She loved everyone unconditionally and with deep emotions. Everyone felt her love, her compassion, her true desire to see the best come to you and bless your life. A woman with so many talents and so much passions. I visionary and always with the right word at the right time.

Her and I shared a strong bond. She taught me everything that I know,   to learn more, love more, be fair, be a good listener and be a friend.

She was married quite young to the love of her life and she self taught to cook, to saw, to knit, to garden… Everything she knew, she passed it down to me. My passions in my life have been transcended to me by her.

To this day, I still feel her around me and guiding me.

Here is her in Italy circa 1976

To me being a mother it has been the best journey of my life. I had my son late in life. The gift of my life. Each day is a special treat, a special gift.

What I love the most about being a mom? Seeing and experiencing life, again, thru a child eyes. It is truly an amazing and humbling experience.

There are no words to express the fulfilling feeling that it has brought to my life.   Every discovery, every thought process, every smile and every tears are lived with passion. We get to enjoy the small things of life. We are living again with passion may it be a small or huge. Most of all, everything is seen so pure and lovingly. Love to see the thought process and how it develops into a reality. Fascinating. The things we take for granted are brought forward and expanded into this playful surreal moment of happiness.

Love to see my son becoming a young man with sincere and pure passion in his heart. Love to see him being a friend, being very focused and yet funny with a great sense of humor.

As soon as he was born, someone said to me:“Wait until he will be 2..8.. and then you wish he was still this little”. My answer always was: ” I am going to enjoy him now and cross that bridge when we get there”  . He will be 15 years old next month and looking back, every minute has been a wonderful journey.

I am far from being the perfect mom, and my son he is well aware that am still the parents in charge, make no mistake to that.   However, that has brought a closeness to our relationship. He tells me everything that he wants me to know and some. The some part is where I know where everything is, as well as how he is doing. In the subtly of the conversation, lays the reality.

As the Irish blessing goes: When I count my blessing, I count you twice!

Blessed to have had a great role model, my grand mother. Blessed to be a mother to a wonderful son.

To all, Have a wonderful day



Happy Mother's Day

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