There is so much pain into your heart

There Is So Much Pain In Your Heart

There is so much pain in your heart. The pain is real. There is nothing more painful than to be alone and no one to share love, to share a life. Trying to make sense of all this. The lies are there just in front of you. The inner gut feeling is so strong. The …

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The Importance of family time

The Importance of Family Time

Digital diversions is swiftly robbing many of us from the real family connections. We need to contemplate what really matters in our lives. Whatever our definition of what family time is, real connection, communication, and play are all vital and irreplaceable commodities. However, these become at a danger of extinction given the digital age where …

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FINE . Love to watch movies and this is a line that stuck with me from  the movie “The Italian Job”. Great entertaining movie with great cast of actors. I do not want to give the movie away if you have not seen it as I am not good on giving you the “nut shell” …

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Life, Love and Sayings

“Do not make someone a priority when all you are only to them is an option” Maya Angelou. “Better the evil you know than the evil you do not know.” “Lie have short legs”. “Forgive, maybe. Forget, never”.

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