Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The legend of St Valentine is full of mystery. There are so many version of the legend. The story   I was told as a young girl was of a young priest that served under Emperor Claudius II.   The Emperor decided that single

men made better soldiers that those married and with families.   Therefore he forbid all young men to get married. A young priest named Valentine being appalled by this order, took it upon himself to defy Claudius and continued to performed marriages for young lovers in secrets.   When his actions were discovered, Claudius ordered Valentine’s to be sentenced to death.

A very sad story, yet so romantic to keep lovers together under all circumstances.

I am sure we all remember with a kind and loving heart the memory our first love. That person that each time our eyes meet our heart fluttered. The first hello… The first time we held hands… First kiss that we remember like it was yesterday.

Memories that fill the heart with happiness. I still have the first present ever given to me by a boy. It was actually a necklace with the charm of St. Valentines. I still have it. I still remember how and when it was given to me.

There is always in our hearts a special place for that first love, how deep, how innocent, how wonderful may it have been.

Each year we love to stay home on Valentine’s day, we are not fond of the rush in and out of restaurant. Each year, I plan a simple and delicious meal for my family.   Creating memories that hopefully our son will share with his special person in his life when the time comes.

Besides having a quiet and delicious meal, we also set the mood too. Candle strategically placed all over and replacing the brightness of the light fixtures. Soft music playing on the background. Gorgeous table all set and a glass of our favorite bubbly to starts the evening dinner. Yes, even with a teenager we have a romantic evening.

What are your special plans? Any traditions that you have created throughout the years? Love for you to share your story with us.

To all the lovers, may your special night will bring lots of love and happiness now and always.




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