How many peoples does it take to screw a lightbulb on?

You have heard the joke: How many peoples does it takes to screw a light bulb on?  I am sure you have, and there are as many answers as they are versions.  My version had this answer: Three. One to hold the latter, one to hold the lightbulb and one to screw it in place. Cute kid joke which brings lots of giggles to the little one as you can see their mind wonder as they try to visualize it.

I hate to admit it,  however,  that it really does take three. This is a what happened to me.

I have this cute, antique light fixture in my bedroom sitting by the fireplace. Love to turn it on in the evening prior to going to bed. Casts the perfect low glow to the room and I do not need to have all the lights on. Love it.

Unfortunately the light bulb burned. Small and yet not so easy to find, so it proved to be. After a few attempts to purchase the right light bulb, I decided to bring light fixture and bulb to our local lamp shop. Wonderful place that will make your head spin with all the fantastic chandeliers all over the place.

This wonderful lady helps me and send me my way.

Once at home I could not wait to have my light back in the bedroom. Taking the lightbulb out of the box and trying to screw it in the socket. Trying, is the magic word I will use here as it did not fit. Too small. Head scratch and puzzled face of to the why was I sold something that did not work. We are not April’s fools after all.

Back in the car I go with lamp and bulb on tow.

First of all, the young lady now looks at me puzzled as to why I am back so soon. I tell her my story. She look even more puzzled with an hint of amusement.  I am glad I can give her something to tell her family that night. She grabs light and lamp and with this look of “I cannot believe you cannot put a light bulb in lady” she gave it a try herself.  Now,  who is smirking back? Me.  Grin gone, she calls her technician. The technician comes out even more amused.  While, sporting a grin ear to ear, he was going to show us both how it is done. Not quite though, as a piece was missing. The expander band. Who know that such thing existed?

Quick trip to his work station he comes out with this cute little ring, places it around the light bulb and just like that the bulbs fits.

To break the ice I ask her: How many peoples does it take to change a light bulb? With a belly laugh all three of us in chorus said: Three.


The culprit of the good laugh



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