Top 10 Cookbooks For Your Foodies


Top 10 Cookbooks for your Foodies on your Christmas list. One of my greatest passion is collecting cookbooks. It is a feeling stronger than life.   One that I stopped fighting long ago and decided to go with it.

It all started innocently years ago. Every place I traveled to I purchased a cookbook of the region. Then came the cooking book club where every month you were sent a new book to enjoy. Loved the surprise to open my package. It was Christmas every month. And then all of the sudden you have more books than bookshelf space and you are constantly looking for the latest and greatest book that you can get your hands on.

I have a wide range of cooking books.   From techniques and theories as we never stop learning to beautiful classic chefs books. Some very old cookbooks like Escoffier,   or Mrs. Lincoln Boston Cook Book. And last but not least, the latest upcoming chefs and anything in between.

However, a handful are my most favorites, and cannot live without them. I constantly refer to, go to, and try their recipes.

How to select a cookbook?

When I first started cooking I was so overwhelmed by all the cookbooks that it took me a while to decide on a book and of course, after the second attempt and my dish looked nothing like it, I made it my mission to really found the perfect cookbook. No matter if you are cooking a Sunday night family dinner or a quick school night dinner, a great cookbook can make your life easier and your family happy.

Here are a few steps that I have worked for me and I want you to have when selecting a cookbook:

  • Always read the recipes and look at the instructions, they must be easy to follow and you can visualize all the steps.
  • Look for pictured cookbooks. A picture is worth 1000 words and a fantastic dinner too. When you just start or are a seasoned home chef, a picture can bring the confidence that you need to prepare more.
  • Look for the number of ingredients and are they easy to access. The last thing you need is running all over town for spices and or get discouraged.

Top 10 Cookbooks For Your Foodies To Gift This Holiday Season

Here are my most favorite cookbooks, fail-proof recipes, and easy to follow instructions.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking

If you can only have one cookbook, this one is the one and only book you should have on your shelf. Bringing the complexity of French cooking to everyday life. Love this book and I visit it before consulting any other book.

Modern Comfort Food by Ina Garten

Her latest book filled with great recipes that will leave you wanting to cook them all. Crispy Chicken with Lemon Orzo, a must-try. Easy, delicious, the perfect combination.

Simple by Yotam Ottolengi

I am in love with his cooking since last summer and have not put down this cookbook. Of course, I added three more from him. Do not feel overpowered by the length of the recipes, they are super easy once you start cooking, and so full of flavor. Savory and with loads yummy.

Skinnytaste Meal Prep

To all busy parents, this is the guide to success on make-ahead meals and freezer recipes to make your workweek as simple as it can be.   Health conscience recipes from super easy to more advanced.

Seasonal Southwest Cooking

Living in the Southwest you come to appreciate our cooking. A medley of flavors that are ours with a hint of French, Mexican, and Native American. Every recipe I have made from this book has been successful and got raving revues from everyone. A perfect gift for the cook that loves to play outside the box.

La Cucina: The Regional Cooking of Italy

Italian cooking lovers this is the book that must sit on your kitchen counter to enjoy. Italy is packed with great cooking and each region has its own spin on a recipe. This cookbook shares all the versions with you with a quick intro. Over 2000 easy recipes, an Italian culinary bible.


Vegetarian cookbook for everyone to have and enjoy. Over 120 mouthwatering recipes that not only are easy to prepare, super delicious. Savory vegetarian dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients. My go-to book for any vegetables and vegetarian dishes that I make for my family.

Jacques Pepin Quick and Simple

A soft spot in my heart for Jaques Pepin has I have met him at an event in town years ago and I was fortunate to spend a few minutes with him.   Enjoyed a great conversation in our native language, French. Kind, funny and so down to earth that I forgot who I was talking to by how comfortable he makes you feel around him. Therefore, all his books have a special place on my shelf. His latest one, Quick and Simple is a combination of easy to achieve recipes for a busy night. Helping you work more efficiently in your kitchen and making a meal that everyone will think you spent hours preparing.

Le Creuset Cookbook

French recipes from one of my favorite cookware. Old classic French recipes revised and updated to today’s cooking. Techniques, tips in this book will bring happiness to your kitchen and an everlasting aroma of fabulous food in the house.

The Balthazar

French cooking meets Manhattan and what a beautiful love affair.   The recipes of this cookbook are easy to follow and fail-proof.   Steak au Poivre, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and many more are our favorites.

Happy Shopping!


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