It Has Been 10 Years… Happy Anniversary!

It has been 10 years today that I posted my first blog post on Giangi’s Kitchen. WOW!!! Happy Anniversary to me! Happy Anniversary Giangi’s Kitchen!

I remember the day as it was yesterday. Registering my name, looking for a template and blindly figuring out what I needed to do. Believe me when I say that I had no clue what I was doing.

What I was aiming to achieve was to bring quick and easy meals for everyday cooking using simple, fresh and whole-food ingredients. It was a nightly madness to search for that perfect recipe to prepare. What I did not know is how many families were in the same boat as me. Therefore, what started as a pastime has emerged into a thriving digital platform.

But then 10 years ago bloggers just started and we all put our best foot forward.   However, we were alone. No support groups. No bloggers that helped us figure it all out. We just spoke from the heart.

Now we still speak from the heart, but we have such a different set of rules. SEO, how many words long content, keywords, niches… the list never ends. Most of the bloggers that started at the same time I did are no longer writing and give up completely. Luckily a few from then still on strong and sharing great content weekly.

For me, it has been a fun experience. My key to serenity and calmness. Cooking brings me peace. It brings out my artistic side. A side that I love and somehow it hid from me. When I am in my kitchen I am at my happiest. I call it being the painter with a clean canvas. My imagination can flow. I love to see happiness and thumbs up when my dish is loved.

But most of all I love it when others prepare my dishes and they send me a note to let me know. I appreciate the feedback more than you will ever know. Trust me it is scary to put yourself out there and not knowing. Obviously I know that my readers read and share my recipes, there are so many stats to look at every day. But it is the personal note, the personal contact that humanizes the whole process.

The whole evolution process has been a fantastic journey as well. I went from sharing the whole menu to a specific recipe.   It was scaring at first, however, everyone loved the change. Deep inside I am sure everyone was relieved to the fewer words to read.

Photography changed dramatically. I am embarrassed to show you my first pictures and proud of the new pictures that I am sharing now. Taken quite a few online courses to get there. And let’s not forget food styling. I call it ” eating with your eyes”.

In 2017 I was awarded the ” Business Woman’s Food and Lifestyle Blogger – Southwest USA by Corporate Vision (CV). Truly an honor bestowed upon me by my peers, globally.

The website got a facelift 18 months ago and I could not be happier. It is so much easier to navigate and the ability to increase or decrease the serving sizes is a welcome attribute. And going to pounds to kilos too. it is so helpful worldwide.

So what is in store for Giangi’s Kitchen? More recipes, more travel and sharing it all with the world. Cooking classes and collaborating with other cooking bloggers too.   However, the most important, to bring happiness to my life and the life of my followers. And talking about followers, I am truly blessed that my first followers, 10 years ago, are still loving me and still want to receive my recipes. For that, I am truly grateful and thankful.

With Love and Gratitude, Thank you.



It Has Been 10 Years... Happy Anniversary!



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