I Do Not Get It

I do not get it. I need your help. Are you familiar with the reality show “The Bachelor”? Apparently it is on season 22 and it has been on the air since 2002.

Obviously I must have missed something as I never watch it before this past Monday evening. It was by pure happens stance as I had fallen asleep on the couch and when my eyes opened it was on.

Decided to see what all the fuss was about, and what made the show so successful for so many years. I must say what I really think here, and sorry if I ruffle some feathers in the process, but what a sick, degrading, narcissistic show that is.

The guy is there for the ride. Yes he wants to found love, but let’s face it he has 30 women trowing themselves at him and they will stop at nothing to be with him. Yes he will found love, but all in the wrong places.

But what was disturbing to me, were the women. Wow!! Is that desperation or what? Seriously ladies!!! What happen to dignity, self respect and self love? I am that off the track to think that your attitude and judgement is so off. Crying because you did not have enough time to talk to the guy, while you were too busy searching for words and playing with your hair and your dress?   Or, butting in on everyone “2 minutes alone” with the bachelor, so you can get his attention that you are the one? You are the one alright, but not the one you think. I do not get that.

I am well aware that it is reality show, but somehow those women need to think a bit and see why they are alone in the first place. Desperation walk in the room before they do. And trowing themselves to the bachelor and making out in within five minutes, really? Do peoples do that in the real world too? Are they that superficial to not see how low they act?

I do not get it, what I am missing? What is your take on this? Please help me understand it.



I do not get it

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  1. I don’t get it either. When it first started, way back when, maybe it had the potential to be more than just trashy reality TV, but it’s spiraled out of control and to be honest, it should’ve ended years ago.

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